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4 Haunted Locations in Southeast Asia


Embarking on a vacation in Southeast Asia promises not only picturesque landscapes and vibrant cultures but also a chilling encounter with the region’s rich tapestry of myth and superstition. In this guide, I present four haunted destinations that will add an eerie twist to your holiday, offering a perfect blend of history, mystery, and spine-tingling tales.

The Hua Building, Vietnam

Once owned by an aristocrat named Hua Bon Hoa, this mysterious building, now the Museum of Fine Arts, conceals the secrets of Hua Tieu Lan’s untimely death. Witnesses have reported floating white shadows and macabre wailing, attributing these phenomena to the tormented soul of the deceased daughter.

Kampong Chhnang, Cambodia

This infamous haunted house in Cambodia became the focus of a 2006 movie. Legend has it that a young couple dreamt of a ghost offering to buy their newly built house for $3,000 worth of gold. Ignoring warnings to vacate, the couple awoke in a nearby field one morning, surrounded by their belongings. The eerie part? The interior of the ghost house remains mysteriously dust-free.

Bangkok’s Teuk Klang, Thailand

The tower offers an enviable view of Chao Phraya River and the city skyline. Despite being officially known as the Sathorn Unique Tower, locals call it “The Ghost Tower.” Abandoned after the Asian financial crisis, it’s now open to tourists seeking a thrilling exploration of its haunted history. The owner’s decision to open it to the public adds a peculiar twist to its ghostly reputation.

Kyaing Tong New Hotel, Myanmar

The largest hotel in town, the Kyaing Tong New Hotel, is rumored to be haunted, with guests reporting encounters with ghosts entering their heads during sleep. Despite the chilling tales, the allure of exploring this mysterious treasure remains irresistible for adventurous souls.

As you venture into these haunted destinations in Southeast Asia, you’re not just exploring the landscapes but diving into the depths of mystique and folklore that define the region. Whether you believe in ghosts or dismiss them as mere rumors, the allure of these places adds an extra layer of excitement to your vacation, creating memories that linger long after the holiday ends. So, dare to explore the unknown and unravel the mysteries that shroud these haunted locales in Southeast Asia.

Photo: Zhu Peng / Pexels