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Ancient geneticists


According to ancient alien theorists, we are not alone in the universe. Their main argument is that every ancient culture that has ever existed shows that there are other civilizations in the cosmos.

If you look at how long the Earth has been around, and how old the universe is – billions of years – you can see that life could have evolved in other places over such a long time, and that there have been evolutions as well.

But how did it all start? Based on ancient texts and myths, through purposeful genetic modification, humanity was created using the DNA of the ape and an extraterrestrial called the Anunnaki.

So humanity may be the result of such interplanetary travel and the creation of life. We are presumably the genetic material of ancient aliens.

The ancient designer desk

Thousands of years ago, before the dawn of history, aliens may have visited our planet for reasons unknown, perhaps to explore, to discover, or, according to Anunnaki legend, to save their own planet, Nibiru, with gold mined on Earth.

When they first came to Earth, they saw monkeys and found them best suited to becoming a breeding ground: a human breeding ground. This was the ancestor of the human species, from which man evolved.

Most ancient civilisations can be traced back to a single civilisation with ancient roots that spread across the planet at that time.

Later, humanity had human alien hybrid surrogated all over the world. This was the age of kingship, when humans gained partial freedom from their creators, and hybrid viceroys administered regions of the world.

This is commemorated by many cultures in different forms like the ancient Hindu and Biblical creation myths, which some believe are human descriptions and representations of prehistoric genetic experiments.

Then there are the pyramids, and the seemingly uniform representations of gods. So, at some point in the past, extraterrestrials may have visited humanity and may have had a major impact on our history because their ability of building gigantic constructions like the pyramids and other colossal structures should have been developed by someone out there.

Sumerians and extraterrestrials

Many believe that the cradle of ancient civilisations, the Sumerian empire was a semi-alien empire. This is hinted at in nuerous ways in Sumerian legends, including the epic of Gilgamesh.

It is also interesting to note that they built a highly developed road network, with right-angled systems, parallel streets, and a system of canals that was beyond their time. Agriculture was also not only ahead of its time, but also ahead of the agriculture of the surrounding peoples. It is, so to speak, the origin of ancient agriculture, considered the forerunner of modern agriculture.

During the excavation of the ruins of Nineveh, 22,000 different ancient Sumerian clay tablets were found, telling a story similar to the Jesus stories we know from Christianity. In other words, they predate Christianity and tell of a messiah from heaven.

So many believe that this is where the story of the heavenly saviours originated, and that the Sumerians were inspired by the aliens from heaven.

Are other religions connected the Sumerien legends too? Are all the religions talking about the same thing, the creation of man by genetic means, by extraterrestrials?

Perhaps it is only a question of time when man wakes up and accepts that there is a past he does not know, and a past that past holds astonishing secrets.