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Anomalies on Mars


According to mainstream science, Mars is a barren and dead planet. It is possible, however, that it is not true. Conspiracy theorists have long known that something is wrong with the official reports published by NASA.

Some people claim that artificial objects and messages can be seen in some photos from Mars. These photos were taken by Mars probes Opportunity and Curiosity.

For example, in one of the photos taken on 30 December 2016, we can see a sign similar to the letter F on the edge of a crater. Its size is estimated to be at about 2.5 meters or 3 feet long. Nobody knows how this sign was created but many people refuse the idea that it was created by nature. If that is the case, then what is the purpose of the sign F?

Based on one of the theories, we can see an SOS message drawn by a survivor of a space ship. Others think that it was a message drawn by an ancient civilization sent to heavenly beings. It is even possible that there were more letters and we can only see one letter. If that is the case, what could have been the whole message?

Could it be that our ancestors lived on Mars and we are all originated from there?

It is theorised that Mars was exposed to a disaster and the inhabitants were forced to move to Earth in space ships. Since they left their technology behind, they might have started everything from the beginning.

Is it possible that Mars is waiting for us to return?