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Anomalies on Mars


According to mainstream science, Mars is a barren and dead planet. It is possible, however, that it is not true. Conspiracy theorists have long known that something is wrong with the official reports published by NASA.

Some people claim that artificial objects and messages can be seen in some photos from Mars. These photos were taken by Mars probes Opportunity and Curiosity.

Strange signs

For example, in one of the photos taken on 30 December 2016, we can see a sign similar to the letter F on the edge of a crater. Its size is estimated to be about 2.5 meters or 3 feet long. Nobody knows how this sign was created but many people refuse the idea that it was created by nature. If that is the case, then what is the purpose of the sign F?

Based on one of the theories, we can see an SOS message drawn by a survivor of a spaceship. Others think that it was a message drawn by an ancient civilization sent to heavenly beings. It is even possible that there were more letters and we can only see one letter. If that is the case, what could have been the whole message?

It is theorized that Mars was exposed to a disaster and the inhabitants were forced to move to Earth in space ships. Since they left their technology behind, they might have started everything from the beginning.

Could it be that our ancestors lived on Mars and we are all originated from there? Is it possible that Mars is waiting for us to return?

Mars and the Egyptians

There is a theory that finds a connection between Mars and ancient Egyptians. The ancient civilization of Egypt was remarkably interested in astronomy. No one can say how they acquired the complex and precise cosmological knowledge they possessed.

This ancient knowledge may have been scraped together over thousands of years but it still does not explain how they were able to plot stars and draw galaxies that were only discovered by astronomers after the 19th century.

According to the paleoastronautical theory, an extraterrestrial connection was behind it all. Egypt may have been linked to a civilization that existed on Mars.

The 31 January 1985 issue of The Wall Street Journal, America’s notoriously conservative economic and business daily, also put forward the theory that the Egyptian civilization could have originated on Mars. This, they argued, explained their cosmological knowledge and why their burial customs were so different from those of the world at the time.

Many believe that certain geological formations on Mars are pyramids and they date back much further than the Egyptian pyramids, which may also suggest that whoever or whatever lived on the Red Planet created these rectangular monoliths long before the Egyptian civilization.

Some people think that these formations resemble reliefs, sculptures and other shapes, and they are eerily similar to those found on Earth, mainly in Egypt. On the other hand, the famous Martian face, discovered in 1976, bears a strong resemblance to the face of the Egyptian Great Sphinx. The coincidence cannot be denied, and whatever anyone says, the parallels seem to be there, even if NASA later tried to make the Martian face look like a simple natural formation in later, post-mounted photos.

Some people believe that the Martian face is clear evidence that Mars was once home to an advanced ancient civilisation that built huge monumental monuments, statues and pyramids.

Around the face, numerous sharp-edged shapes following geometric rules have also been observed, drawing a picture of an ancient city. They were at remarkable angles to each other, which could not have been the result of chance. Of course, NASA denied this too, and described them as simple wind-formed formations, although everyone knew that the wind could not have formed these structures in this way.

Is it possible that there was life on Mars and that it was home to an advanced civilization?

Based on another theory, the Egyptians may have had such highly advanced technology that they went to Mars and left their traces on the red planet.

Either way, there are countless right-angled objects, pyramids and walls on Mars that could not have been formed by nature, because nature does not work with right angles.

So there lingers the question of the Martian mystery: who or what created them, if not nature?

Many researchers believe that the shapes have even sharper edges, but they are not clearly visible everywhere in these satellite photos because they have been covered by millions of years of dust. This means that many Martian cities and metropolises are buried deep beneath the red sand dunes. However, the ancient ruins of major cities, which could be evidence of a lost civilization, are not everywhere buried under the sand and dust, because there are places where you can still see the outlines of the walls.

Those who believe in the existence of Martian life are convinced that the regular grid-like networks and structures seen in satellite photos could be a vision of ancient cities buried in the dust of Mars.

This would explain why we have found various out-of-place objects in countless satellite photos but never cities. Why are these areas deliberately avoided by NASA?

One thing is certain: the pyramids are immense and geometrically unusually precise. Many people claim that the Egyptians did not have the knowledge to construct them with such precision, and a theory suggests that they were taught the various astronomical relationships and calculations by the Martian aliens, the civilization that lived there.

Another theory proposes that the afterlife in Egyptian culture was in fact Mars, to where the chosen ones were occasionally taken and later returned to their people as semi-gods, armed with a wealth of knowledge.

So is it possible that the Egyptians have always carried a connection with Mars in their blood and the civilization that lived there was later doomed to extinction?

Mars and the Stonehenge

Stonehenge has always stood as an ancient symbol of ancient civilizations in human history. To this day, it remains shrouded in mystery and legend, as neither its origins nor its purpose has been conclusively understood.

But it seems that an even greater mystery has been uncovered. Only on Mars.

Not only are they the ancient Egyptians who are believed to have a connection with Mars. A few years ago A mysterious stone circle was found on Mars, just like Earth’s Stonehenge, which could be another evidence of the existence of alien civilizations.

A stone circle has been discovered in the dust of the red planet during surface surveys. A stone circle that most closely resembles the aforementioned Stonehenge. The stone circle contains another inner stone circle. Speculation immediately began as to how the stone circle got there and what it actually is. The obvious question arises: could it have been built by alien civilizations?

If it is indeed a regular shape – and there is every chance that it is – it can hardly be explained by a natural phenomenon.

Who put it there and why? Could it be the ancient Martian civilization? But why does the stone circle resemble Stonehenge? According to ancient alien theory, our ancestors once lived on Mars millions of years ago, and then the global cataclysm forced the relocation of the rest of our colony to Earth.

However, this relocation was not without its difficulties, we had to relearn a lot of things, we had to crawl back up from the Stone Age to the Industrial Revolution.

One way or another, we may soon discover if the theory is true.