What happens to the soul after death?

One of the biggest - or if not the biggest mystery is what happens after death. Scientists have long debated if such thing as spirit or soul exists at all. However, mainstream scientists have found no evidence for the existence of such thing but other researchers claim to have...

Wild theories on Niburu

Niburu is a mysterious planet where a particular group of extraterestrials came from and visited us in ancient times, according to ancient legends. Based on another theory, extraterestrials who lived on this planet had to leave it because they were threatened by a cataclism and the planet became inhabitable. At...

Sumerians and extraterestrials

The world is full of unexplained archeological findings. According to ancient astronaut theorists, some of them show that we were not alone in the past. Based on certain interpretations, the development of our race was helped by extraterrestrials long time ago. For example, think of the legend of Prometheus...

Anomalies on Mars

According to mainstream science, Mars is a barren and dead planet. It is possible, however, that it is not true. Conspiracy theorists have long known that something is wrong with the official reports published by NASA. Some people claim that artificial objects and messages can be seen in some photos...

The Inner Earth and Maya civilization

Some people believe that ancient caves could hide secrets of our lost past. Revealing these secrets could change our world. One of these caves is the one that can be found in Mexico which was once utilised by the Maya civilization. Archaeologists have found everyday items made of gold in...


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