Mysteries of Babylon

The capital of the ancient Babylonian empire was Babylon. Its area covered the Persian bay and the river Euphrates. It is assumed that it had narrow and parallel streets. The city was divided into rectangle-shaped sections. The also knew sewage system. Some people believe they were the first who used...

Ancient stargates

There is no explanation for the disappearance of some ancient cultures: it is often difficult to determine why a certain group of people suddenly vanished in the past. For example, where did the Angkowat civilization or some tribes in Amazonia go? The answer could be found in their relationship with...

Why have some mummies suddenly started to degrade?

Many archaeologists claim that there is something wrong in Chile and Peru. Two thousand-year-old mummies started to degrade and decay for no clear reason. Some people believe that it is the sign of an ancient curse or even the sign of Armageddon. What archaeologists noticed was that the tissues of...

Secrets of Antarctica

There has always been a legend about a mysterious civilisation in Antarctica. Some people believe that deep beneath the ice lays the ancient ruins of the mystical Atlantis. Others think that not even ruins but also traces of another human species can be found there. Some people believe that the...

The secret of stone spheres of Costa Rica

There are more and more unearthed artefacts giving a hint that we might not have been alone and our species was not the only intelligent one. There are some mysterious stone spheres in Costa Rica and archaeologist still cannot explain their origin and how they were made. They were...


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