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The rising of the Serpent

The Serpent as symbolic entity during the history has an important role affecting religions and prehistory. An essential mythological being appears in the beginning of mythology and keeps its presence until the Victorian ages. In the 19th century, religious groups and societies tried to...

The Stone Tape Theory

There is a theory coming from a BBC show which has been a possible explanation of haunted houses since the release of the show. Nigel Kneale writer and the creator of the theory has examined a lot of topics on ghosts, aliens and ancient mysteries.

Why scientists can?t make up their mind?

Let?s compare black holes to ghosts: scientists claim that black holes exist even though nobody has ever seen them or examined them in laboratory. Following this train of thought, there are a lot of people who claaim that ghosts exist even though it is difficult to prove their existence. It...

How could we prove the paranormal?

There needs to be a shift in scientific research in order to prove extraordinary phenomeno. But the question is, how could we move science forward? Let?s take an example of Dr. Gary Schwartz who teaches psychology and psychiatry at the University of Arizona. He...

The man, who was dead for 30 hours

In end of August, 2015, a man came back to life after spending 30 hours in a mortuary. The man?s name was Amos Otene and the case happened in Makurdi, Nigeria. Based on the medical report, the man was pronounced dead on the August 26 and was...