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Sumerians and extraterestrials

The world is full of unexplained archeological findings. According to ancient astronaut theorists, some of them show that we were not alone in the past. Based on certain interpretations, the development of our race was helped by extraterrestrials long time ago. For example, think of the legend...

The Book of Dead – key to the Afterlife?

Is it possible that the Egyptian Book of Dead is a door to the world where human souls leave for? This manuscript is as important as the Bible at least. It is a collection of texts concerning death and afterlife in the ancient Egypt. Texts can be found in...

Imaginary friend

What adults cannot see Children have different attitude to the world. They are more playful, they are more open minded. And they have richer imagination. Does it mean that being open minded open up gates towards things which cannot be perceived by adults? We...



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