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Circumstances of death


Based on accounts from patients who came back from clinical death when somebody dies, the focus of his consciousness starts expanding. When a person dies, his entering the Afterlife is often accompanied by his or her relatives or friends who passed away earlier. Some mediums claim that the spirit analyses and evaluates all the experiences it gained during his or her life as a human. It examines how his or her actions affected or influenced other people’s life and himself and comes to conclusions. It can even play with thoughts of how things could have happened in case of other decisions. It is like a virtual film that you can interact with at any moment.

When a person dies, its spirit is already waiting for him. But the self is never able to accept death because its biological instincts are fighting for survival. But the spirit prepares it for the fact that it is going to leave this world.

But according to Buddhist priests death is birth. When a death occurs, spirits reborn in Afterlife. As a result, birth in our physical reality can be called death if we view it from the angle of Afterlife.

Whatever terrible situation we have in our physical world – poverty, unfairness, disaster, disease – the self is always part of the spirit and it is never alone. Even if you are crawling in the desert without water or food.

Among Viking, elite people were moved down a river by boat when they died. In ancient Egypt, boats also had a role in the journey to Afterlife. Boat passages to the underworld were strictly reserved for pharaohs who had died. I believe boats represent our spirit who guides us to the Afterlife. 

But other spirits can also be there around the deceased. People often report encounters with their passed away relatives and friends who greet them out there.

Some accounts on near-death experiences talk about an expansion of knowledge: dying people sometimes get information that they could not access. They are in this half-conscious state when they gain information about the people’s private life around them at the scene of accidents or in the operation theatre. This information is very detailed including tiny bits of information for example what a person was doing the previous night or they even see their thoughts. All the information of the surroundings comes to them clearly.

In my mind, this phenomenon is the expansion of consciousness. When somebody is dying, his or her consciousness starts expanding and gains supernatural abilities. These abilities regularly disappear after coming back but some people keep them and they become a psychic. What happens here is that they come back with a wider consciousness and they realize how they can utilize it. They get to know the importance of love, developing human relationships and personal growth.

However, there might be cases, when the spirit is not able to go to Afterlife because certain unsolved problems keep them here. In this case, the spirit remains connected to something in our world: this can be its body, its loved ones, its belongings or anything else that he or she once loved so much that it is unable to leave. When that is the case, I think they stay here as so-called remnants – which means, that they do not completely experience death until they arrange their problems and are ready to leave.

Picture by Stefan Keller on Pixabay