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Crop circles: messages from the space or human pranks?


If we want to know the answer, we often have to ask the right questions instead of thinking about assumptions and possibilities. Crop circles in England scattered around is a good example. Meanwhile, UFO believers and UFO investigators claim that these phenomena are created by aliens, journalist, academists and scientists are on the opposite opinion saying that they are just products of human creativity.

During the years researchers met artists who said that these drawings had been created by them: the field provided a huge canvas which was suitable for making these huge drawings. The difference here is that the painter’s hand is much longer. Think about how big the area is that you need to cover. It is not a question, that some of these circles are made by human hand even if they are complicated. But some circles cannot be explained considering the fact that they appeared in a short time with very complex mathematical accuracy. Drawing an elephant or a giraffe is not a big deal but drawing something like the Mandelbrot crop circle is something impossible. The difference is obvious.

When complicated crop circles started to appear in England, UFO investigators became interested. Instead of coming to conclusions, they asked a few questions:

1, Are the shapes changing over time? Is there any difference in the styles?

2, What happens exactly to the vegetables around the crop circles? Do they radiate? Do they still grow? Do they die?

3, Is the place where these crop circles appear special?

In order to know more about the changes of the vegetation, they collected samples and sent them to laboratories. Discussing the results at scientific meetings has never been interesting to them. The reason for this may have been the unrealistic nature of explanations. What was known is that crop circles were simple at the beginning but later they were becoming more and more complicated. The tests confirmed that crop circles had not affect the vegetation: it started to grow later. So it seems that they do not do biological harm. Another interesting fact was that the circles usually appeared close to defense facilities. This fact could refer to experiments. The circles could have been the results of some kind of experimental weapon. Testing weapons, directing beams onto a field can convey information about the precision of the beam. But creating energy like this needs heat. This heat dries out the stalk around the experiment which was corroborated by laboratories in the USA and France.

Is that possible that a new space weapon has been tested? If that is the case, how much does an experiment like this cost? And where these beams are coming? If this is a new technology and seems very promising, then the government must support is. There may be two answers however, how these beams are shot: either from satellites or aeroplanes. But think about it: using satellites would not be too expensive? Is it not simpler to use aeroplanes? Witnesses claim to have seen red lights during the creation of crop circles. These lights could be seen on ground level. So it is possible that the beams were directed from somewhere, consequently from the sky? But the question is, what kind of light could they be? Infrared? Or something more probably, laser or microwave? It is even possible that the beam consists of combinations of different frequencies? But still, there is a remaining question: why the witnesses do not see any flying objects above the field while the crops are being formulated?

Is it possible that the environmental and atmospheric conditions do not make them visible? There may also be social than technological, reasons for these experiments. Making fool of UFO investigators when they come up with seemingly nonsense explanations.

But they are not fool enough to fight and look for the answers infallibly.

Gábor Seres | paranormal.hu