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Da Vinci’s secret knowledge


The secret knowledge

How did the master acquire such knowledge and why was he ahead of his time? Leonardo da Vinci is credited with designs such as the aeroplane, the tank, the catapult, the propeller and even the water siphon. The interesting thing is that in the 1920s, experts at the Victoria & Albert Museum described da Vinci’s sketches as texts in mirror writing. The paper was ignored for decades, but recently, by chance, it was examined by Ian Hutchings, professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Cambridge. According to Hutchings. The sketches and the text, written in mirror writing, clearly show that Leonardo understood the basics of friction in 1493.

The note also shows that the genius knew that the frictional force between two bodies moving on each other is proportional to the pressure applied to the surfaces but independent of the size of the contact surfaces. Da Vinci must have discovered the basics of friction by conducting various physical experiments and examining oiled objects.

There have always been, are and will always be geniuses. But Da Vinci was much more special; many believe he was much smarter than Albert Einstein and had a higher level of intelligence. Some believe that he was the greatest inventor ever, the smartest polymath in the history of the Earth. That is why many believe he was an extraterrestrial or may have been in contact with beings who led him to then-unknown connections or passed him technical notes. Others believe that the artist could see the future and harness information from other dimensions, which is why he discovered things long before anyone else. Either way, he was a powerful figure in the history of inventions.

The eccentric genius

On the other hand, some of his paintings and sketches include strange UFO-like objects. Is it possible that he also witnessed flying saucers?

But not only his art and work were mysterious, but his private life as well.

In spite of being famous, Leonardo is someone who we do not know much about. He was an outgoing person who loved other people’s companies and he had a lot of relationships. Since there is not much to be known about his wife, some believe he may have been homosexual.

The secret of his art

It is thought that the painter and genius may have possessed evidence and information that made the existence of extraterrestrials clear to him. If this was the case, it could mean that he was trying to hide the knowledge he had gathered in his works.

At the time, extreme views were punished, so he could have encoded the information in some of his paintings for the future, fearing reprisals from the church and others. 

For example, in the painting of St John the Baptist, a demonic being is said to be deliberately planted. As can be seen in the painting, mirrors can indeed be used to reveal a mysterious non-human figure, which may hint at the existence of extraterrestrials.

However, skeptics claim that we only see what we want to see in the paintings, so these illusions are nothing more than a kind of illusion or a delusion.

The smile of the Mona Lisa

His perhaps most famous painting Mona Lisa has always been mysterious. Some believe that the painting has a secret code. 

The strange smile of the Mona Lisa is said to be that of an alien, and it was not even possible to tell for a long time whether Mona Lisa was a man or a woman.

There have also been many conspiracy theories about the Mona Lisa. Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece has been analyzed and studied in every possible way, yet more and more hair-raising theories about what the painting is all about keep popping up.

The latest information suggests that she might have been an alien. The basis of this theory is the following: if we manipulate the picture in a certain way, the mirror image resembles an alien.

Da Vinci and the treasure of Templars

There were many legends about Leonardo da Vinci back then and still are today. That’s because he was not only an inventor, doctor, scientist, painter and mathematician in one person but also a mason. The Freemasons knew where to hide the immense treasure protected by the Knights Templar, which they had gathered over the centuries. Leonardo da Vinci has been repeatedly associated with temple treasures. According to some sources, da Vinci was initiated into the Masons and was therefore aware of this information. He secretly may have believed that the treasure should belong to mankind, so he could hide references on each of his works. 

So is it possible that he hoped that someone would someday decipher their meaning and get to the fabulous treasures? If the theory that he was a freemason is true, it could explain why he was so eccentric and so lucky during his lifetime. According to some people, it is suspicious that he was more and more successful in his career. 

Is it possible that the freemasons helped him and supported him by showing him the secret knowledge? The treasure itself is only vaguely mentioned in various historical records and documents, so to this day, it is not known exactly what it is. Some sources describe fabulous gold objects, coins, amulets, and relics collected from all over the world, but there are also views that the treasure may be a single object, a sacred relic of some kind. 

Perhaps the spear used to wound Jesus on the cross, or the Holy Grail from which Jesus drank at the Last Supper and in which his blood was caught. According to Dan Brown, author of The Da Vinci Code, the Holy Grail could only be the royal bloodline, the descendants of Jesus Christ who are still alive today.

According to some theories, Jesus actually died on the cross but was carried on the bloodline by a royal baby, a person who later grew into a woman, whom the church then wanted to remove from the face of the Earth because a woman could not lead the church. According to other sources, Jesus did not die on the cross but was given cotton wool soaked in a stiff-convulsant to relieve his suffering on the cross. This caused him to fall into a lethargic state, and when he was laid in the tomb dead, he later regained consciousness and fled.

No one ever saw his body again after the supposed ascension, but he is said to have visited India and eventually died there, buried in an unmarked tomb, and several descendants were born.

If this bloodline could indeed be the treasure, then perhaps the reason no one has yet discovered the mystery is that the chosen ones don’t want to. In addition, it would be impossible to make a positive DNA identification unless the body of Mary or Christ is found. Of course, there are also suggestions that there may be some of Leonardo’s descendants who possess this ancient knowledge and know the whereabouts of the treasure. Of course, they have no intention of telling, as there are many legends about the treasure. One legend says that the treasure will be found before the end of time, while other legends say that the one who finds it will live forever.

According to another theory, Leonardo hid codes not only into the Mona Lisa but into his Last Supper. The assumption says that Leonardo may have had put astrological messages into a Christian scene. All he did was to fold out the twelve signs of the zodiac around the ecliptic and place them around Christ, symbolized by the twelve apostles.

Was he contacted by extraterrestrials?

Countless mysteries surround the works and person of the famous Renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci. It is still a mystery how the medieval thinker could have been centuries ahead of his time. A startling new theory suggests that extraterrestrials may have had a hand in his creations. Believers also think that the Italian master may have been abducted by aliens.

This may explain why Da Vinci, who was allegedly born the illegitimate child of an Anchian nobleman, also designed planes, helicopters and armoured vehicles in an age when battles were fought with swords and spears. The thing is that Leonardo disappeared at the age of 24, only to emerge two years later in Florence in 1478 with revolutionary ideas. But where was he during those two years?

It was after his disappearance that Da Vinci began to study the human body. Besides, after his return, the legendary polyhistor drew maps of Italian cities as accurately as if he had seen them from the air while at that time, only birds flew. What is more, the Italian thinker had already designed a tank in the 15th century.

His flying contraption designs were not even understood in his own time. In fact, no information has survived about these two years of Leonardo’s life, although his life can be traced relatively accurately from the age of 17. But the explanation, according to the theory’s deniers, is simple: he stayed with friends for two years after being prosecuted for homosexuality in 1476.

Researchers at Northeastern University (NU) in the US have discovered that the left side of a mirrored image of the Mona Lisa shows an alien creature staring at the viewer. During the Renaissance, many people observed strange phenomena in the skies of Europe, which is why mysterious objects appeared in the works of artists, according to professor Terrence Masson to Bild.

Leonardo da Vinci had inventions that were far beyond his time. It is impossible to fathom how he built a structure suitable for flight, how he created the predecessor of the tank, but he also had a knowledge of the human body that was unparalleled at the time. So it’s no wonder that the idea has taken root among UFO enthusiasts: is it possible that Da Vinci was aided by extraterrestrials?

UFO believers say the idea is far from dismissed. One piece of evidence, they say, is the fact that several Renaissance paintings show extraterrestrial saucers. Another thought-provoking point is that contemporary sources report that the painter-scholar disappeared from public view for two years. While Da Vinci’s biography does not indicate that he met any aliens, it is also interesting to note that he was not a doctor, yet he had an amazing knowledge of human anatomy. Is it possible that the scientist was in a spaceship for two years? Or is this just another rumour, like the one that Leonardo da Vinci was homosexual?

The key is in his genes?

Later, in 2018, another team of scientists decided to crack his secret. They intended to map up his DNA as the goal of the Leonardo Project.

What they did was to find traces of DNA on his personal items, books, notebooks and paintings. These samples will be matched with the hair samples, fingerprints and skin cells of his descendants. According to Rhonda Roby, the leader of the project, this is such a sophisticated method that they would not do any damage to the paintings.

The scientists will have an accurate picture of the master’s hair, eye colour, quality of his skin in different periods of his life. What is more, it will also be known how tall he was, what shape of his face had, what he ate, what his health condition was, even they will shed light on his personality. Is it possible that he can even be cloned?

The Cotte analysis

French scientist Pascal Cotte claims that there is a hidden portrait under Leonardo da Vinci’s famous Mona Lisa painting thanks to a special lighting method. Pascal Cotte maintains to have been analyzing the painting for more than ten years using the method. He believes the hidden portrait is underneath the famous Leonardo painting.

According to the results of the investigation, underneath the known painting is a portrait of another seated figure, on which the Mona Lisa painting’s famous mysterious smile is not yet recognizable.

The Louvre Museum, the custodian of the painting, did not comment on the announcement as it is not part of the official investigation. However, many remain skeptical. It is well known that painters often repaint their paintings if the client is not satisfied with the work. This way, there may not be anything surprising about painting under the Mona Lisa.

But if true, what could the hidden painting be? What could it represent? No one knows yet but there is speculation.

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