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Reconsidered “TR-3B as Tetragrammaton Phenomena

1561. Nuremberg

“Around dawn on April 4, 1561, residents of Nuremberg saw what they described as an aerial battle, followed by the appearance of a large black triangular object and then”




“I saw what I saw”




mindent megesztek, amit az A’ Elit főz nektek?

or maybe you are just blind?

GrEat Harvest

“I know many people won’t believe this story of our sighting of an object in the night sky. It is the truth the whole truth. 1990 seem to be a strange year for us. We sold our old house and moved to the lake. Every evening I would go out and sit on the dock and look at the sky. The stars were bright and it was a beautiful quiet night. All I could here were the frogs. One night as I sat down on the dock I noticed a bright light heading my way from west to east. It looked strange because we very rarely saw planes they just didn’t fly our way. I yelled at my husband to come outside, by the time he got there the light was almost to the dock. It was gliding across the night sky going very, very slow without any sound and low in the sky. It flew right over the top of us we had to bend our heads back to look under it. It had three clear lights that did not shine out, moved across the sky like it was looking for something just above the tree tops. It was so large it darkened the sky and we could not see the stars.

I’m putting pictures on this hub that look something like what we saw. It was a large black triangle.

We never reported it to anyone and never got a picture, those were the days when we didn’t have digital cameras all ready to go so we didn’t have proof. We saw this in July right at the time that the Oshkosh Fly In was going on and I had wondered if it was the stealth bomber from there and also wondered if it was the stealth bomber because I had heard that the bomber was in fly-in somewhere. Anyway, after seeing a picture of the stealth I realized that wasn’t what we saw. We could now say we had saw what we believe was a UFO.”

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Understood and Under Stood