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6.1.1 Status Code and Reason Phrase


“”404″ ; Section 10.4.5: Not Found”

WGS84 6° 55? 15? N, 103° 34? 43? E

6.920833, 103.578611


“Flight 370 was operated by a Boeing 777-2H6ER,[a] serial number 28420, registration 9M-MRO.

The 404th Boeing 777 produced,[110] it first flew on 14 May 2002,

“The Boeing 777 is generally regarded by aviation experts as having an “almost flawless” safety record,[115] one of the best of any commercial aircraft.[116] Since its first commercial flight in June 1995, there have only been two previous serious accidents. In January 2008, 47 passengers were injured when ice crystals in the fuel system of British Airways Flight 38 caused it to lose power and crash-land just short of the runway at London Heathrow Airport. In July 2013, three passengers died and 181 were injured when Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crash-landed on final approach to San Francisco International Airport.[117] Both aircraft were damaged beyond repair.[118]”