Válasz erre: Krónikák egy másik világból

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Monstrous Tartar

Engraving of a monstrous Tartar captured by Count Nicholas von Serin in Presburg (Pozsony) in 1664, sent to Kircher.


“Tartar Giants
In 1575, when the Tartars invaded Poland, Jacobus Niezabilo-vius slew a warrior of enormous size who fought in their ranks. After the battle, Polish soldiers marveled that as he lay dead on the ground “his body was of so prodigious a bulk that… his carcass reached to the navel of any ordinary person standing by the side of it.”6 (See Graveyards of the Giants)

And James Paris du Plessis, in his Short History of Human Prodigies, Dwarfs, etc., reports that a Hungarian, known as the “Monstrous Tartar,” was exhibited at “Ye Globe in the ould Baily in February 1664. He was taken prisoner by Count Serini and was a creature of extraordinary strength and valour, who, having spent all his arrows in fight against the Christians, was taken alive and so continues being carefully kept in those parts.”7


by Glenn Kimball