Válasz erre: Krónikák egy másik világból II.

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Denver ürítés

Denveri Giant bázis 3000

“PlotIn the year 3000, Earth has been ruled for 1,000 years by the Psychlos, a brutal race of giant humanoid aliens. The remnants of humanity are either enslaved by the Psychlos and used for manual labor or survive in primitive tribes living in remote areas outside Psychlo control. Jonnie Goodboy Tyler (Barry Pepper), a member of one such tribe, leaves his home in the Rocky Mountains on a journey of exploration. He joins forces with Carlo (Kim Coates), a hunter, but both men are captured by a Psychlo raiding party and transported to a slave camp at the Psychlos’ main base on Earth, a giant dome built over the ruins of Denver, Colorado.”

Based on Battlefield Earth by
L. Ron Hubbard

Starring John Travolta
Barry Pepper
Forest Whitaker
Kim Coates
Richard Tyson
Kelly Preston
Sabine Karsenti
Music by Elia Cmiral
Cinematography Giles Nuttgens
Editing by Robin Russell
Studio Morgan Creek Productions
Franchise Pictures
Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures
Release date(s) May 12, 2000 (2000-05-12)

Running time 118 minutes