Válasz erre: Krónikák egy másik világból III.

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“Ne szólj szám, nem fáj fejem”


“Unknown En3rgy, Jasmine Scent~”

This is what happened to me in the Claustro
of the Cathedral. Hollywood makes it bigger,
in the story of Joan of Arc. In my case
there was no lights above my head and there
was no wind either. There was only the energy
going trough my body from head to toe that shook
me, and yes I had my arms stretched out as she. The
head was leaning backwards once the Jasmine
wind got into my nose that pushed my head back.

The first part that I dated Feb 19th 1991 was the light
I saw when I had my accident. I was under the water
and I had the roof of the boat over me
and I saw that light. It was brighter, much brighter
(No clouds) and that’s when I saw my two bodies
one sinking down and the other swimming up and
it passed before my face.”


“Középs? ajtó”