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Fredericksburg VA UFO

Tonight (12-21-12) at approximately 8:35pm EST, I saw a strange aircraft in the sky. It didn’t look like it was flying in a typical aircraft manner. I was driving but the object was flying so irregularly that I stopped and kept my eye on it. Suddenly, a third light appeared to form a triangle. I brushed it off as though I was seeing things but the image is really bugging me so I decided to search to see if anyone else saw anything in the sky that resembles my description. The object was flying towards/over Central Park, headed SE. I have also seen a flying object in my backyard a couple of times in the past week, again at night. The object doesn’t fly like a normal aircraft, more of an up and down while flying laterally motion. It is a single light. Again flying SE. Those encounters weren’t as startling as what I witnessed tonight.