Válasz erre: Krónikák egy másik világból III.

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Cape Town

Black Triangle Sighting in Llandudno, on December 22nd 2012 ? triangular orange lights, followed by single orange light
We were travelling back to our house in the evening along Victoria Rd past a suburb called Llandudno. As we rounded the corner to come into Llanduno both myself and my wife pretty much simultaneously saw 3 orange lights in a perfect triangle flying in a East to West direction directly ahead. The placement was near the star constellation of the Southern Cross but from our P.O.V. more to the West. The lights were orange/red, pretty solid and not really flashing. The triangle moved at a constant speed (much like an airplane), but the lights were spaced too far apart to be one airplane, and not flashing like airplanes usually do. After about 10 seconds the triangle disappeared [i](the 3 lights disappeared one by one), but was followed a couple of seconds later by a single orange/red light which appeared at the same location where we first saw the triangle. It seemed to follow the same path but disappear a little sooner near the same position where the other lights disappeared.

The night sky was perfectly clear.
There was not much traffic, but we could not hear anything plane-like.
The triangle appeared to be an equilateral triangle.
Due to its close proximity to the Southern Cross which we are familiar with, I would judge the lights to have been spaced about the same distance as the Southern Cross more or less.

The last commercial departure out of Cape Town International Airport was at 21:09 according to their website. I have not checked with Air Traffic control. The time of the sighting was 22:30 approx.