Válasz erre: Krónikák egy másik világból III.

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Robo-S-T-Us wrote

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Még nem mondtam, hogy a küzdelemben fontos a higgadtság és az álhatatosság.

Az els? mostanában ért el engem, végre.
43 éve várok rá vagy még régebb óta, nem is tudom.



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“És hogyan tovább a post-2012 Univerzumban?

“OK, who stole 4th density? Why was it left out of the table?
To make a point. Remember Prof. Albert Einstone and the challenge of expressing a rotational dimension in a linear system? There is no 1-dimensional form of equivalent space, so you cannot get a 4D structure directly from the dimensions of space and equivalent space. However, that does not preclude the existence of 4th density nor a 4D structure to life, courtesy of a little gem discovered by Leonhard Euler back in the 18th century, which is known these days as ?Euler?s formula.?

“Not much can be done to guard against the fear brought on by slit eyes and a forked tongue; man has had an adversarial relationship with reptilia for some time, and for good reason. It is a kind of ?race memory,? if you will, that warns us of danger when certain extraterrestrial species are present that Homo sapiens has encountered before. Not all saurians are bad guys, but in their involvement with Earth has tended towards controversy in the past.”

“As we move out into the galaxy, we are going to encounter entities that are far from our environmental expectations. But what is important is that many of them are just other peaceful explorers, trying to make sense out of their lives, just like we are. Remember that we share more ?microcosm dimensions? than macrocosm ones, so though we may look very different on the outside, we are a lot alike on the inside.”

“Nem tudsz védekezni az ismeretlen ellen.”
“Soha ne felejtsd el a Hoffman Lencséidet” (John Carpenter: They Live, 1988 )
“Az intelligencia irányítja ösztönt.”


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