Válasz erre: Krónikák egy másik világból III.

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??Grandiózus akart lenni, nagy és hatalmas. De ha megvizsgáltad egy lépés távolságból, láthattad, hogy nagyjából mindent?l rettegett??

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azt meg nem csodálom….Lásd a kalapost a The Box cím? filmben.


“They” are after me. I already received many threats.
On line and in person.
It’s time for me to go. I knew this time would come,
I just needed some sort of leverage to get out.
I never wanted in. The “TV” actually helped me, for now
they cannot erase me that ease,
sure as long as I don’t come back.

It is not that I said anything that has not been said before,
what it is , is that this country (….) is going through a major
shift, and nothing is acceptable anymore.
Dark times ahead for this generation to come.

I am trying to get away from everything, not for my
sake, but for the sake of my offsprings.