Válasz erre: Krónikák egy másik világból III.

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Borghese’s Dragon



Borghese (Borghesi) of SienaThe house originated with Tiezzo da Monticiano, a 13th century wool merchant in Siena, whose nephew Borghese gave his name to the family. Among the important Sienese Borghese are:

Agostino (1390?1462), noted soldier in the wars between Siena and Florence, named count palatine by Pope Pius II and count of the Holy Roman Empire by Sigismund (HOPPÁ!)

Niccol? (1432?1500), man of letters, philosopher, and important political figure in the Sienese republic, belonging to the Monte dei Nove.

Pietro (1469?1527), named a senator of Rome by Pope Leo X, killed in the Sack of Rome.

Marcantonio (1504?1574), politician and lawyer in papal service. (HOPPÁ!)

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