Válasz erre: Krónikák egy másik világból III.

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00001 – Némber ONE

“A halál és a lányka”


Finlandia 2564-60763-2



D(i)NA – Chile

Chilean coup d’état – 11 September 1973



“In July 1976, two magazines in Argentina and Brazil published the names of 119 Chilean leftist opponents, claiming they had been killed in internal disputes unrelated to the Pinochet regime. Those two magazines would disappear after this one and only issue. Judge Juan Guzmán Tapia would eventually ask Chilean justices to lift Pinochet’s immunity in this case, called “Operation Colombo”, having accumulated evidence that he had ordered the DINA to plant this disinformation, in order to cover up the “disappearance” and murder by the Chilean secret police of those 119 persons. On September 2005″

Rejtett kéz – Néha Vaskéz


Disolución 11 de Octubre de 1992




Salvador Aliende
29th President of Chile
In office
4 November 1970 ? 11 September 1973