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Ouja board: good thing or bad thing?


Ouja board may be the most popular tool in searching for contact from outside. A lot of people have had both surprising and frightening experiences with this mystical tool meanwhile they were looking for simple answers.

But what do we use it for? Those who have never heard of it I can tell you that it is used for establishing connection with the Afterlife or with the World of the Dead. Generally, this is a rectangular shaped board which contains letters, numbers, some special characters, yes and no answers and saying goodbye. Some believe that it can also be used for predicting the future.

As we see, the construction of the board is simple, logical and easy to use.

When we ask a question, we need to put our hands onto a small object called planchette. We do not need to move it: it is moved by the spirits we call. The planchette moves to different characters to give the answer after our questions. But if we ask a yes or no question, it will only move to yes or no. It can happen however, that the spirit does not want to chat with us at all. In this case it is recommended to say goodbye.

It has always been a debate, how the ouja board works. Whatever the reason is, there are very intense experiences among those who have tried it. According to one of the explanation, the answers come from inside us; deep from our subconsciousness. So if that is tha case, it means that the answers are ours, providing solution to a problem that we cannot cope with while being conscious. Based on another explanation, the answers can come from our guardian angels. However, there is a contradiction between this and the fact that many people have frightening experiences.

You might ask where we can buy it. It can sometimes be found in toy shops at the board game section or in whichcraft shops. But if you are creative enough, you can even make one. It can be useful if you are in front of important decisions but be careful because it can sometimes be addictive.

I personally do not recommend to use Ouja boards because we do not know what forces there are behind it and it cannot be said that it is completely safe. It is up to you and it is your own responsibility if you want to use it but my opinion is to stay away from it. If you still insist on trying it, then bear in mind some important things.

Those who want to contact the dead – let us say they have an unsolved conflict or the living person wants to fix a reltionship – need to be extremely careful: there are cases when people committed suicide after using Ouja board because they got crazy from ghosts staing with him. There was another person who fainted at school during the séance and stayed in coma. Some people are being chased or harrassed by ghosts after using the board. These signs imply that it is highly recommended to be careful.

There are some advice in connection with the usage: it is not adviced to use it alone and the participiants need to touch each other to reach the necessary energetic level as well as touching the planchette together. At the beginning, it is recommended to ask some simple yes or no questions to get some practise and never ask the same question again. If you want proof of spiritual presence, you can place a camera or recorder in the room. If you are lucky, you will see something on the tape. Stay away from questions in connection with God or your time of your death. Stay away from asking the spirit to do harm to other people as well. It can happen that you do not get the character of the words in order. In this case you need to arrange the them into the correct order.It is better to hold the séance at night, when everything is calm and peaceful. You can also bring more peace into thr room by lighting candles or turning on a silent meditative music. Another important thing is to not use the board when you are sick or depressed because you can be exposed to possession. It is essential to say thank you the answers and saying goodbye and never leave the planchette on the board when you do not use it.

And finally, if you are inexperienced, it is better to ask an expert who can handle the situation if it goes south.

Astronet | Translation: paranormal.hu | Image by Amy_Gillard from Pixabay