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Signs that we were not alone


The world is full of unexplained archaeological findings. According to ancient astronaut theorists, some of them show that we were not alone in the past. Based on certain interpretations, the development of our race was helped by extraterrestrials a long time ago. For example, think of the legend of Prometheus and the fire. Could Prometheus be an extraterrestrial with his fire symbolising his power? Or could it be the symbol of a technology given to humanity?

There are many artefacts and ancient relics which cannot be explained by mainstream archaeology. For example, most scientists think that some ancient statues depict Gods while others consider them aliens as they are strikingly similar to them.

Is it possible that we had a different past that we do not know about? Some ancient items are simply ignored as there is no explanation for their existence or function.

There are many other signs that denote that we might have been visited by extraterrestrials in the past. It is believed that they were our creators and they guided us for millions of years after our creation to observe our development.

If that is the case, they may have modified our genes, and alternated our evolution, sometimes by giving us ancient knowledge to us. Is it possible that our technological achievements are the result of this extraterrestrial intervention?

Based on a theory, these beings left our planet and the solar system to find another place somewhere far away. It is possible though that they will return one day. Until then, the only things they left behind are the unexplained artefacts from the past.

What signs are there that suggest that we are not alone?

  • Sumeian mythology

The ancient Sumerian myth says human was created by Gods called the Annunaki’s and the purpose of the creation was to serve them. Annunakis needed gold because it was too much work to mine it and humans were the perfect slaves for the job.

Some believe that the earliest visitations happened during the Sumerian era. They influenced our society and aliens later became part of our society. They were said to take the shape of humans, making it impossible to make a difference between them and us. They are also said to be present among us today as well.

But to take a more specific example, one of the sources is about an ancient city called Al-Ubaid which talks about the locals and their connection with extraterrestrials. What is more, not only this ancient text but several statues depict Gods who are thought to be aliens? Since they were much more developed than us, people could believe that they had divine powers. As a result, they were highly respected.

Many artefacts were found from the Ubaid era between 6500 and 3800 BC and they also refer to beings from the sky. The Annunakis are believed to be kings during that period but this theory is not accepted by mainstream archaeologists.

With aliens or without them, Ubaid culture was influential: their technology including agriculture and economy was much more developed than the technology of other cultures at that time. Something or someone must have helped them.

For instance, their sewage system was so improved that archaeologists still argue how they managed to build such a developed structure. And the strange thing is that the improvement of their technology was not gradual: they just started to build these structures out of the blue. It was like a sudden decision saying “ok, let’s cultivate fields, let’s build complex buildings”.

What do ancient astronaut theorists say? That it was the influence of alien technology and these structures were built based on their instructions.

  • Hindu mythology

Hindu mythology mentions gods who came from the sky by flying vehicles called vimanas. This event is also mentioned by Ramayana.

  • Book of Genesis

The Book of Genesis mentions the Sons of God who came to Earth and they came into contact with women and intermarried with them. The new form of humans was called Nephilims. The fruit that Adam and Eva ate was considered the first step to becoming godlike.

  • The Bible

The Book of Enoch is the apocryphal book and it is considered the expansion of the Book of Genesis. It also confirms that the Son of God came to Earth to breed with humans and the offspring were called Nephilims. After a while, however, humans could not take care of the Nephilims. At the same time, the Sons of God, who were called the Íwatchers taught humans science and technology. This was against God’s will, who in turn, initiated the Great Flood to destroy everyone. The Watchers become the Fallen Angels. To save humanity, Noah is warned and he is the one who is tasked with saving humanity. It seems that the Watchers were extraterrestrials who disobeyed some orders, which led to their failure. Nephilims on the other hand may have been hybrids but the interbreeding must have been a serious problem.

The prophet Ezekiel also mentions four shiny flying objects that emit lightning and fire with four creatures. Is it possible that Ezekiel saw an alien spacecraft?

  • Paintings
  1. The characteristics of the Ark of the Covenant 
  2. Hopi cave drawings. They called these creatures star people.
  3. The cave paintings of Wondjina (Australia) and Valcamonica (Italy) seem the resemblance of astronauts
  4. There is a strange object in the sky in the painting Madonna con Bambino
  5. A UFO appears in Annunciazione by Carlo Crivelli
  6. A satellite-like object appears in Holy Trinity by Bonaventura
  7. A UFO in Miracle of the Snow by Masolino

These objects might have had religious interpretations at that time.

  • Nazca Lines

The Nazca lines are ground drawings in Peru. Some drawings are humanoid or animal figures while others are simple lines. Interestingly, these lines can only be seen from high above. According to ancient alien theorist Erich von Daniken, these lines could have been instructed by aliens and the long lines could have been runways.

  • Ancient flying artefacts

Some artefacts found in Egypt and Columbia are very similar to modern aeroplanes or gliders.

  • Megaliths

The huge megalithic buildings like the Giza pyramids, Ahu Tongariki, Machu Picchu in Peru, Baalbek in Lebanon, the Moai of Easter Island and Stonehenge of England can also prove the alien presence. The reason for this is that ancient people did not have the technology to build these monuments. Secondly, the precision they show would be extremely difficult to copy today and it was impossible for the ancient people to transport hundreds of tons of heavy stones to isolated places.

  • Elongated skulls

Some Egyptian and Native American tribes elongated skulls, which also suggests they did it because they were fascinated by the visitors and wanted to look like them. One of example these traditions was Akenaten and Nefertiti Egyptian rulers.

So were we guided by extraterrestrials? One day we will hopefully know the answers but until then we can only continue exploring our past.

Photo: Pete Linforth