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Signs that we were not alone


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In december  2015, a vendor who sold antique artifacts and his friend found a place under a cellar in Peru. In this place, the remains of 20 strange creatures were found in two sarcofagus. These bodies very different from human bodies. They were 60 cm long and their hands were elongated with three fingers. The X-ray test stated that they had skeletal body and they had lived more than 1000 years ago.

The other reason why this discovery was so unique is the fact that the remains were very close to Nacza lines which are mysterious drawings in the ground conveying messages. Some people believe that those messages are sent to extraterrestrials. Could they be hibrids or aliens who were in contact with the Peruvian population?

The man who found the remains said that he had heard of similar discoveries when huge arms and hands had been found with long fingers. Is it possible that these are signs that giants lived in the area? These findings however were mostly legends because there was no evidence for the existence of those remains.

The discovery in 2015 shows that human like creatures must have lived there probably mixed up with humans. But who were they? What was their purpose? Further discoveries hopefully will give more answers.

paranormal.hu | Image by Felipe Lopez from Pixabay