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Some thoughts on humanity


We are all human. We are all natural creatures and we are prone to making mistakes and hurting one another. The reasons for this are that we have weaknesses, often forget our own limitations and can be incredibly stupid.

However, we all have transcendent moments of exceptional insight, where we are more than human, more aware and capable in our actions and understanding. These moments of enlightenment can shatter the illusion that we are weak, small-minded creatures with little awareness and even less empathy. We are all unique creatures, each with an individual personality expressing itself in an infinite amount of different ways. Yet we all share something in common: out of all the animals on Earth, we are the only ones with a genuine awareness of our own mortality and empathy for others. In this way we are all human, we are all capable of great wisdom and kindness. Yet we can also commit terrible crimes against one another, and it is these guilt-ridden actions that define us as the beings that we are. Our capacity for destruction often overwhelms our desire to create, though many of us take a step back and acknowledge the absurdity of our own actions. At this moment, when we stop to understand the others around us, we become more than human – we transcend ourselves.

The evil side of our mind

We have natural drives to eat and reproduce, but we also have the capacity for self-awareness and language. Neurons, muscles, and hormones are merely reactions, but humans are granted the gift of self-awareness. We can use these aspects of our biology for social interaction and to develop the abstract rules that govern the world we live in. We are able to take an introspective journey through our brains to better understand why we do the things we do. The complexity of abstraction is a puzzle that must be solved in order for us to effectively interact with the many different people who inhabit this planet earth. However, our brain is biologically limited and does not always behave logically. We often forget that our bodies are mortal and attempt to accomplish what is unreasonable, which often results in our actions being selfish and immoral. In this case, our social constructs become untenable. This is often against our own natural drives to have empathy for others. We tend to view others as mere objects or commodities when we make decisions in this manner. Also, the disparity between different groups within the same society may lead us to disregard the needs and rights of others.

Finding the right way

We must learn to see past our pre-judgement and see others for who they are. We must open our hearts and minds and listen to the silent Spirit within that speaks of the divine potential in each person. We have much to learn from everyone we meet, for no one human is the same. In terms of relationships, however, each person is equal and should be treated with respect and dignity. It is important to look beneath the surface of every person and everything and to look past our assumptions, which are often wrong. Connecting with another person is a beautiful thing and is open to all. This connection can bring great joy and happiness, regardless of any sexual or romantic feelings involved. Companionship is important to all of us and we need to find ways to be companions to others. We are all a part of one big family, so why not treat others as close family members?

Stories speak

Everyone has a story to tell, but it is not always clear what parts of that story are important. Sometimes I want to skip to the end of the story and find out how it turned out, but the relationships in a story can often be confusing. In order to know how the story ends, we must first understand why it began, and how it unchained itself from those that came before. To truly know the end of a story, we have to understand the beginning, and having this knowledge enables us not to repeat the past. The importance of stories is our ability to make connections with others, regardless of their age or circumstance. No matter where we lived or what language we spoke, it was as if life was placing us along a path and telling us that we were destined for one another. We have many opportunities to be companions for one another in life. We must work together and share with each other.

When time comes

Our bodies are temporary vessels for our immortal souls and some things should not be attempted without careful reflection. When death comes, there is a transition from our earthly bodies to our spiritual bodies. It is also a transition from our purely emotional selves to a transcendental level of awareness. The greatest powers of the mind reach into other planes, where we can experience the full power of existence. Life is short, like one breath in an endless existence. We are all spiritual beings, transcending the physical realm. Sometimes our souls need to grow further before we can master our physical bodies. Some things are not meant to be attempted without giving them proper reflection. We are all destined to move on, and when we reach the other side, we’ll transcend our human form and become more.

Humans are fallible, emotional creatures. We have a tendency to let our emotions cloud our judgement and make rash decisions. Our species is prone to pride, greed, anger and dishonesty. Humans lack the ability to see the world objectively. Emotions cloud our mental processes and can lead to rash decisions. We are possessive, demanding and angry creatures. We are produced by market forces and strive to accumulate material items. However, we have the capacity to be more than we are. We can rise above our baser instincts and reach higher levels of self-awareness and the keys are transcendence and enlightenment.