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Strange things on the Moon


The Moon is surrounded by legends and interesting facts. Some believe that the Moon is inhabited while others deny it. Strange formations and shapes, however, cannot be explained and these shapes often look artificial; because nature never forms quadrants or complex forms made up of quadrants.

According to some people, there are signs on the Moon which tell us that an ancient human culture may have set foot on its surface. These signs are claimed to be odd buildings and their existence is covered up. While pyramids are believed to exist on Mars, buildings on Moon are rather domes or towers which look like radio towers and are separated. If they really exist, nobody knows how they got there, who built them and what their purpose is but they cannot be geological formations. Is it possible that they are evidence for an ancient human lunar civilization? But how?

Mysteries of the Moon

Let us take a look at the origin of the Moon. Where does Moon come from? Based on a theory, the Moon was part of the Earth but in a complex geophysical way (which could have been an asteroid impact) it got separated from Earth. Until this day, it is believed to hide the ruins of ancient humanity on its surface. The theory suggests that there are much more ruins under its surface. It is difficult to say what there is exactly underground, but we can only assume things until we make sure.

According to some historical records, the Moon did not always belong to Earth – where did it come from? Does it have a natural origin? Or is it possibly artificial? Is it possible that there are humans on the Moon but their mission is secret?

Gas leaking like phenomena and glowing objects have also been observed and NASA is not able to give an explanation.

Alien presence?

The fact that the craters on the Moon are not deep enough is another interesting mystery. Some people believe that under its surface, there is a metal layer that absorbed the asteroid impacts to protect something underneath. Something, which could be artificial: like a gigantic alien control room.

Hollowed Moon?

As for the surface of the Moon, some believe that it is hollowed inside and the ancient ruins are in caves deep underground. The supposition that the Moon may be hollowed is based on the fact that its density is very low, indicating that it is an artificial object.

Strange lights

Another mystery is the strange lights which are sometimes observable even on NASA photos. They were claimed to be gas eruptions but it was later denied because the Moon is a dead planet and they are unlikely to be gas eruptions.

Sometimes odd signs indicate the presence of strange activities there. For example, glowing and suddenly disappearing objects have already been observed in dark craters and nobody knows what the source or the nature of these objects are. The photos taken of this mysterious object have been analysed several times but it is impossible to say what there is exactly on these pictures. According to some photo experts, the object itself is not glowing; it is just reflecting Sun rays. Whatever it is, it must have ascended from the crater. When it disappeared, it may have descended back into the crater or it turned on its camouflage system – if it was a UFO.

Mysteries around the Apollo program

Other people find photos taken by the Apollo mission suspicious. Most of these photos are accessible on the Internet and there is a particular photo which has raised debates.

The photo was taken in 1969, hours before Moon Landing. An amateur researcher has discovered an object in a crater which he considers a rocket. However, experts do not believe that the thing has extraterrestrial origin because why would highly advanced civilisation use rockets? The object seems like a man-made rocket made in that era.

This assumption led to a theory according to which Moon Landing has happened more times as part of different secret projects. If there were more missions to the Moon, nobody knows for sure what their purpose was. Still, some believe that the strange shapes and unknown structures on the Moon raised NASA interest and the organisation intended to explore these mysterious objects which seem alien bases.

Many Americans believe that not everything was revealed by NASA in connection with Moon Landing.

Based on internal sources, astronauts experienced movements around their landing zone as well as metallic discs hovering above them. If NASA manipulated some photos, it is understandable why.

As for the hovering discs, there are two theories: the first says that they had an extraterrestrial origin. In this case, the Moon had already been inhabited, long before the American’s visit which took NASA by surprise. The second one says that they were made by the Soviets, proving that they had already long set foot in the Moon. However, if the Soviets were the first visitors of the Moon, why did they not tell it to the world?

Fake Moon Landing?

Incredible as it sounds, but some people who consider Moon Landing staged. One sign they find suspicious is the movement of the flag: how could the flag move if there is no wind on the Moon? Another question is why stars are not visible in the sky. The Moon does not have an atmosphere, stars should be much more visible.

Some people are convinced that Moon Landing was filmed in a studio and they find the film staged.

However, more people believe that Moon Landing did happen but some of them do not refuse the assumption that there are confidential or secret films hidden from publicity.

What do governments know?

According to some people, other signs indicate mining activities. The fact that China has become interested in the Moon lately is also considered suspicious. Do they know something about the Moon? Why are they so interested in the dark side? 

Some revealed and unconfirmed information claim that the Chinese have already found an abandoned secret alien basis on the Moon and China wants to send a team of scientists there in the future to examine the structure.

Conspiracy theorists believe that Americans know about that basis and they want to keep humans away from that even considering destroying it. Is it possible that the reason why America does not want to return is the fact that there is a massive alien presence?

Some Apollo astronauts have also reported strange objects around the Moon or close to its surface. Is it possible that there is an alien base beneath its surface? According to Milton Cooper, intelligence officer, the dark side of the Moon has been visited by Americans more times as part of a secret program. On that side, gigantic hangars, artificial holes, tunnels and structures were found which could be mines. According to the conspiracy theory, the team was too afraid to examine the structure because they discovered alien activities around it. If these hangars exist, may they have been built for motherships?

According to the report which Milton Cooper received in July 2015, further cities were found on the Moon resembling domes and other buildings.

The theory that NASA knows about alien life on Moon is also supported by former NASA employee Ken Johnston who claims that NASA has two sides: one side is doing public research while the other side is on a secret mission for exploring intelligent alien life and keeps destroying evidence.

He also claims to have seen NASA photos showing buildings on the surface of the Moon but he was ordered to destroy them. He mentioned having seen huge, glassy towers and domes as well. When he wanted to question these objects, he was laid off.

According to some conspiracy theorists, objects in NASA photos are covered intentionally so as to hide their extraterrestrial origin. These objects are mostly some kind of mining machines.

Conspiracy theorists hope that NASA will reveal this secret information one day. Well, if not NASA but time will tell.