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Stranger in the photo

Photo: jwvein / Pixabay

When one comes across something unknown, he or she tries to explain it with common sense. If nothing makes sense, then one starts thinking: is it possible that paranormal phenomenon has an otherwordly explanation? Unexplained things have always made us think. One of the most mysterious phenomena is photos with strangers, turning up from out of the blue, only for the length of the flash of the camera. You may have already seen group photos with a lot of people on them. Group photos are usually well arranged, people are standing in the right position in order to get a perfect photo. But sometimes, at a closer look, shapes of humans can be seen in these photos: hazy humanoid shapes like shadows. Is it possible that somebody got blurred on these photos? But why would this person be so far from the group? Because in a lot of cases, these shapes are a bit farther from the group.

There are also many photos of ghostly figures taken in hotels. Some ghosts especially like lift doors while people around have never seen anything odd. But there are other cases when photos were taken of families. Hazy figures often turn up in photos like these particularly at the legs of the adults, as if there were a child. However, the people in the photo claim they have never seen a child around while the photo was taken.

Ghost in the waves

Many photos of ghosts were taken in Scotland, so we should not be surprised if we see something strange in photos taken during our holiday there.

A few years ago, a father and his son were walking around Saint Andrews and they wanted the perfect photo on a rocky area. But the weather became chilly and they decided to go home. When they arrived home, they started checking the photos. Looking at one of the photos, they were both taken by surprise: on one of the photos, there was something else besides the father. It was like a hazy figure, walking into the foamy water. They both claimed that nobody had been around. Are photos like these manipulated or can they be evidence that another realm may exist around us?

Ghost at the funeral

Another famous photo was taken in Grass Valley, California in 1955. the photo shows Arnold DeRose’s funeral. The man lived 76 years and died of kidney failure. The photo had been kept by the family for many years, when one of the great-grandchildren, Joseph Dobrean, found the long-lost photo while looking through the memories.

Joseph looked at it with a magnifying glass at first, but then digital technology and the modern age allowed him to take a closer look. there was an elderly man sitting on a coffin in front of the crowd. Only his outline was visible and he was quite lifeless. When enlarged and contrasted, it became clear that there was someone else in the group photo.

The sceptics always say the same thing: they talk about photographic errors or, claim that photos like these are manipulated. So was Mr DeRose’s ghost really present then and there in 1955?

Or was it all just a ridiculous prank by Joseph Dobrean? Sadly, there are nowadays a lot of fake ghost photos coming to light thanks to various image editing programs and their users.

Dayna Lynch took an innocent photo in the family living room. The photo showed her father sitting in an armchair with his stepmother. But in the background, a face peered out the window. Her stepmother had just returned from her grandmother’s funeral, and Dayna knew how close they were and thought it was her grandmother’s presence, watching over her.

Until that point, nobody believed in ghosts in the family. But she believes now she has the proof that they exist.

Sometimes even the experts are caught out by well-done fakes. However, many people doubt or deny that most photos are fake because recently, new experts have examined the photos and found no oddities that would indicate a hoax or photo manipulation.

Ghost in the apartment

Adam Ellis also saw something that shocked him for hours. He almost had a heart attack. He photographed an uncanny sight in his own apartment, which he believed could be proof not only of the existence of an afterlife but also of the existence of countless entities and beings on Earth and in our world that are as yet unknown to mankind.

In his New York apartment, the young man was photographed with something that made his blood run cold. The terrified man was convinced that the ghost of a dead baby haunted him day and night, and he posted the terrifying discovery on Twitter.

Adam said he first encountered the ghost in August, tossing and turning in his sleep, when the shadow sat at the foot of his bed. At first, it was only in his dreams, but it seemed to have somehow moved into the real world. I was afraid that it was trying to kill him.

Adam felt a kind of spiritual presence more and more often after that. It was as if something appeared before him again and again. He knew he was being haunted by this shadow from the afterlife. Then, on a day in November, there was a turning point.

He almost fainted from fright, because the ghostly figure appeared sitting on a chair in front of him. Adam’s heart nearly jumped out of his chest, but he managed to take a photo of David sitting in the armchair and uploaded the images to social media.

Of course, some people immediately thought it was a hoax. According to paranormal experts, however, he had caught the ghost of a little boy or some kind of gnome-like creature.

The faceless ghost girl

Another, particularly scary photo was taken in Hungary in Kaposfüred in 1943 and has supposedly a ghost girl in it.

The photo was originally posted by a Hungarian woman named Gyöngyi Szigeti. Her mother is in the foreground, the photographer was her father. There was a little girl in the background, she had no arms, no face and she looked like a ghost or a demon. She still has the original photo at home. 

The mysterious figure does look distinctly unsettling, but if you are looking at the world from a ground of reality, you also have to consider the possibility that it is just a little girl standing on her back, somewhat blurred.

Ghosts in abandoned buildings

Visiting mysterious old ruins, abandoned for decades, always involves some risk. Most often these risks involve injury or arrest for trespassing. Or it can also involve exciting things like witnessing a ghostly appearance. It has happened to more than one photographer over the years that they have accidentally taken a picture they shouldn’t have. In hindsight, ghostly creatures, ghosts in the air, or shadowy figures appear in the photos.

One such photographer, who can only be found on Reddit as All_Natural_Cody, was taking photos in the dilapidated and dark corridors of an abandoned school when a scary thing happened to him. While taking one of the pictures, he saw something strange. A ghostly figure stood across the boarded-up corridor. And it wasn’t blurry, but quite clear. It was undeniably a human figure, a woman’s figure, whose ghost still roamed the building. At first, the photographer didn’t realise what was in the picture, but when he zoomed in on the scene he was very startled.

He didn’t need more than that and claimed to have left the school grounds in a hurry and had not dared to return since.

The picture has since given many people pause for thought, with some claiming that it is indeed a ghostly figure, while others are sceptical, saying it is a clever trick or photo manipulation.

The photographer, however, said that the image had not been altered. Most people believe that it could be the ghost of a young student or a teacher who used to work at the school.

The fishing trip

On another occasion, a girl went on a fishing trip with her family. Jessica Ogletree’s children Haley and Kolton were enjoying the trip when Haley took a photo of herself and noticed someone or something lurking behind. Kolton was doing something in the background while a person was standing next to him on the right side. The person was wearing a cap and his figure was dark. The family got spooked when they saw the photo. The day, however, was lucky for the family as it was Kolton’s birthday and they caught a big fish.

Some people think it is a ghost while others are in awe. And there are those who think the picture is photoshopped. The question, however, remains: what is there in the photo?

As you can see, the ghostly appearances in the photos are inexplicable. People’s opinion on what these might be is various but more things are possible: the photos are manipulated, they are caused by an unknown natural force, they can be explained by physics, or they are indeed ghosts. You decide.