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The Ammons Family Paranormal Case: A Mysterious Story of Bizarre Hauntings


It was November 2011, and Latoya Ammons, her mother Rosa Campbell, and their three children had just settled into their new home in Gary, Indiana. But the peace was short-lived, as they soon discovered that their new abode was plagued by strange and ominous events.

As they began to unpack, the family was immediately confronted with a swarm of flies that wouldn’t go away, no matter what they tried. Rosa heard ghostly footsteps echoing through the basement, doors creaking ominously in the middle of the night, and saw a sinister shadow lurking in the living room, complete with tell-tale boot prints. The terror only escalated when Rosa found herself choked by an unseen force. Meanwhile, Latoya’s daughter claimed to have been levitated off the ground, and one of her sons was thrown across the room by some malevolent force. The other son’s eyes rolled back in his head as he muttered threatening phrases.

Despite these frightening events, not everyone believed the family’s claims. A physician named Geoffrey Onyeukwu visited the house, only to dismiss the family’s experiences as delusional. Psychologist Tracy Wright was equally skeptical, pointing to the fact that the children often skipped school and suggesting that they were simply following their mother’s beliefs.

The police were called next, and the family was ordered to take their children to the hospital for evaluation. The doctors found that the older son was perfectly fine, while the younger one was in a state of hysteria. This information made its way to the Department of Child Services, who also had their doubts about the family’s story. Yet, one worker claimed to have witnessed the younger boy walking on the wall, adding further credibility to the paranormal happenings.

The family turned to a priest named Michael Maginot for help, and he performed three exorcisms on the house. After the rituals, the family fled to Indianapolis, never to return. Meanwhile, the previous owner of the house, Charles Reed, and subsequent tenants never reported any strange occurrences, leading some to believe that the family had made the whole thing up in an attempt to reduce their rent.

In 2014, Zak Bagans purchased the property, only to have it demolished two years later. But the legacy of this haunted house lives on, its dark and twisted history forever etched in the annals of the paranormal.

Despite the house’s tumultuous past, it remains a topic of fascination for many paranormal enthusiasts. Some claim that the site is still haunted, and that the spirits of the family continue to linger. Others argue that the whole thing was a fabrication, and that the family’s claims were nothing more than a desperate ploy for attention. Regardless of the truth, the house in Gary, Indiana will always be remembered as a place of mystery, fear, and intrigue. Its legacy will continue to haunt the minds of those who dare to consider what really happened within its walls.

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