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The dark world of Freemasons


Let me take you on a journey to uncover the ultimate secrets of Freemasonry, which reveals the inner world of the Order.

If you have not heard of Freemasonry, the simplest definition would be that it is a secret society that is thought to have set the course of history many times. They are said to have overthrown presidents, secretly deprived governors of power and strongly influenced the outcome of major wars.

Freemasonry is still considered to be one of the most powerful orders in the world, with such notable people as Newton and Einstein. Some former Freemasons, including Winston Churchill, the Duke of Wellington, Lord Kitchener, Edward VII, Edward VIII and George VI, and Prince Philip, have even been accused of holding the entire state in their grip.

The first Masonic group was formed in England in the early 18th century, and the history of modern Freemasonry officially began in 1717, with the Masonic constitution being published in 1723.

Since then, Freemasonry has been very secretive, and the Order has been surrounded by countless legends. Many believe that they have a real power to influence the world and have been behind many of the world’s events, but little of their innermost world has been revealed.

Members were chosen by very strict methods; not just anyone could be a Freemason. The original, regular principles of Freemasonry stipulated that a Mason had to believe in the Great Architect of the Universe, which meant that he had to be a devotee of some monotheistic religion. Freemasonry has never been on good terms with the Church, as most of the popes have always believed that it is in fact, a satanic order and that they serve nothing but Satan.

That they had more power than anything else was shown by the fact that even Hitler himself was said to be afraid of them and persecuted them by all means. In Mein Kampf, Hitler wrote that Freemasonry provided the Jews with the perfect opportunity to gain absolute power in the right places. However, nothing of his assumptions have ever been proven.

Many believe that because Freemasonry can no longer keep itself and its activities secret, it has built a cloak of secrecy around itself. Does modern Freemasonry want to use publicity as a means of eliminating negative stereotypes?

I is theorised that today, they no longer keep the names of their members secret and communicate with outsiders on a number of websites.

However, the processes that used to characterise them are still going on in the background. Can it be true? We, simple civilians will hardly ever know.