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The Hollow Earth Theory


According to the Hollow Earth Theory, there are lots of huge caves inside Earth. However, the theory has more assumptions, not only this one. It is claimed that Earth has giant inner oceans as well. These oceans have serious effects on global weather, the movement of continents and the spinning of the inner core. Some believe there are giant crystals and minerals underground – even gold and silver which could fix global economical problems.

While oceans consists of water and metallic liquids consist of different metals, here is the question: what do these caves contain? There are more assumptions concerning this mystery: some believe they contain giant crystals, valuable gold, silver and minerals. Others believe that the caves have a life that was born together with Earth.

But you might ask, how could anything exist down there, where the temperature reaches 1500 Celsius? According to the explanation, there are cold spots and they are isolated from the extreme heat with a much lower temperature.

Technological problems

Since this is the most difficult place on Earth to approach. Whatever there is deep down, we do not have the technology yet to bring it to the surface. As a result, we have never entered that part of our planet and most of its structure and content is based on theories. We were taught that Earth has more layers and there is a core in its centre. These layers are the crust, the mantle, the outer core, and the inner core. The inner core is thought to be molten iron.

But how do we know about these layers? On the one hand, their structure was determined by studying how earthquake waves go through the layers: they have different speed as they pass through them, giving some ideas of what the inner structure of the planet looks like.

On the other hand, there are other factors that give some idea about the layers: the moment of inertia, the speed of seismic waves, the distribution of geomagnetism, and features of different minerals.

However, some scientist supports the theory that Earth may be hollowed and full of caves. Interestingly, the theory claims that there is a central Sun in the middle, similar to the inner core. But what is there, inside these caves?

According to Buddhists, the inner Earth is inhabited by superhumans who sometimes come to the surface through tunnels to check what is happening in the outside world. It is claimed that entrances can be found in Tibet but there are other reports claim that entrances can be found in Antarctica (it is assumed that Admiral Byrd also saw it), the Shasta Mountain California, and other places on the planet. Some locals living in Ontario still talk about small people underground.

The Hollow Earth in cultures

Tibetian and Indian cultures talk about a kingdom called Shambala. This kingdom is inside Earth, deep below underground. The kingdom has strange residents, huge cities with buildings and its location is in Central Asia. So it is interesting how the Hollow Earth theory has become part of the culture.

Ancient Indian texts called Ramayana talks about a blue being called Rama who came down to Earth by a vehicle named vimana. Some people believe that this being may have been an extraterrestrial. But what if this being in fact did not come from space but from underground?

Mayans also have legends about mysterious people living underground. On the other hand, several witnesses have mentioned having seen UFOs ascending from entrances leading down to the inner Earth.

Scientific research

Edmind Halley

Edmund Halley was a British astronomer who did research on meteors, calculating their directions. He also estimated the position of southern stars. During his time, Catholic Church was chasing scientists claiming that they were against Christianity but he managed to survive the chase and was not killed like many others. Later, his scientific work became fruitful: he became a member of the British Royal Society and got a degree from the University of Oxford.

He also had discussions with physicists Isaac Newton who is famous for his work in the field of mechanics and gravity. Newton encouraged Halley to do more research on astronomy. He eventually published his work on stars. The work was protected by the royal society and noblemen because the Church was still chasing heretics. But Edmund Hally did not only talk about stars but he also claimed that there are huge cavities inside Earth and they are suitable for life.

He backed his claims by the fact that compasses sometimes behave strangely which could be caused by the hollow structure of Earth.

He believed that Earth is a hollow shell that has two smaller shells and a core. The shells are separated by the atmosphere and all shells have their own magnetic field. These shells are constantly spinning and all spheres are able to support life. He also studied these magnetic lines.

Leonhard Euler

He was a Swiss mathematician who created a lot of terms and he defined functions. Instead of having concentric shells, Euler considered the Earth absolutely hollow with a Sun in its centre. He thought that the cavity could be reached through the Southern and Northern Poles. According to Euler, an advanced civilization lives there.

Captain John Symmes

John Symmes was an American soldier at the beginning of the 1800s. He claimed that Earth had several concentric spheres inside and the inside of the planet could support life. He was determined to study and explore this inner world, asking for the guidance of the public.

He asked for help from Congress to finance his expedition and to find the hole in Antarctica but he did not get permission.

Admiral Richard Byrd

Richard Byrd was an awarded American officer who had a high rank in the Navy. He was the first person who flew to both the South Pole and the North Pole. He claimed to have seen the entrance to the Hollow Earth on the North Pole and witnessed lakes, rivers and green vegetation. He also mentioned having seen an inner world called Agartha whose inhabitants were worried about our nuclear weapons and human activities. He also took part in an American mission that was intended to found a research base there. 

After publishing his claims, the government considered Richard Byrd a liar. However, the story became unstoppable popular.

It is unlikely that we ever learn the truth but future generations will hopefully get an idea and discover worlds just under our feet.

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay