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The Mysterious Thoth Book and the Legend of the Guardians


For millennia, researchers have been searching for the secret location of an ancient document, a book that contains all knowledge about the world, including how it will eventually come to an end. This is none other than the mysterious Thoth book, mentioned in ancient writings, but its exact whereabouts have remained undiscovered.

Thoth’s book is not just an ordinary book; it holds something much deeper and valuable. Over the centuries, seekers have become increasingly convinced of its existence, but someone has hidden it very well, and not everyone wanted people to know about it.

According to legends, only a chosen one can find Thoth’s book, someone worthy of it, and only when the time comes for the Earth and the universe’s final hour.

However, official archaeological research claims that the book never existed, yet the emerging archaeological findings and creations repeatedly indicate that something is hiding in the background.

Countless archaeological expeditions have tried to find Thoth’s book, but so far, without success. The pyramid texts suggest that the secrets of the sky and celestial gods were recorded in ancient sacred books, to be found by those capable of carrying the knowledge forward before it’s too late. Some even argue that it might be located under the Great Sphinx of Giza.

Among archaeologists, there have been various opinions circulating for a long time about old, thousands of years old passageways and catacombs hidden beneath the pyramids and the Sphinx. It is possible that the book lies deep within the catacombs, directly under the Great Pyramid or the Sphinx.

However, the Egyptian government has banned any excavation or exploration that would disturb the ground beneath these monuments, resulting in scholars not being able to fully uncover the ancient secret.

This is likely deliberate, as there are certain guardians in the world who know the exact location of Thoth’s book. They are responsible for ensuring that the document remains inaccessible to anyone. These guardians are present everywhere, infiltrating the archaeologist community and even official administrative bodies.

The date described in the sacred book was likely calculated using ancient astronomical knowledge, which was also passed down from the celestial beings. Therefore, the book would not only shed light on the future for humanity and indicate the date of the apocalypse, but also serve as evidence for the existence of an ancient civilization much more advanced than humans on ancient Earth…

Although the secret of Thoth’s book remains hidden, researchers and archaeologists are not giving up, continuing to hope that one day they will come across this mysterious document that could open a new chapter in the history and knowledge of humanity.