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The power of coincidence


Our world is full of coincidences. Or not? Do disasters happen by chance? Are lottery numbers random? If there are no coincidences, who controls events? Could we predict them? When a coincidence happens we are always amazed by it. Numbers sometimes make us surprised. Sometimes they look like a pattern as if they wanted to send a message. If we take a look at history, we can discover some mysterious coincidences. Let us think about the assassinations of Lincoln and Kennedy. The facts are the following:

  • There are seven letters in their names
  • There are 100 years between the dates of their election
  • They were both assassinated on Friday
  • Lincoln got killed at Ford?s Theather, Kennedy got killed in a Ford

There are also some fascinating stories about coincidences: how people find each other. Twins, soulmates contact each other entering a happy life.

Another strange coincidence: in Psalm 46 of the King James Bible, released in the year that Shakespeare became 46, the 46th word is shake and the 46th word from the end is spear. What if these coincidences are spiritual messages? If they are, they may tell us to follow them to open up our mind and consciousness. It is not enough to be amazed but to do something, to find the understanding. Still, it is difficult not to marvel at particular events: when Evelyn Marie Adams won the New Jersey lottery twice, it could not be ignored. What could this event say? It probably has a personal meaning for the winner herself. We can even think about shares: are they changing randomly or there is consciousness behind them? Our mind is searching for patterns all the time. It does not like random numbers or events. It needs logic, it needs connection. Finding patterns are just artificial products of our mind or they are real messages behind events?

When a coincidence happens it can be interpreted as synchronicity. This is an event that has meaning to our personal life. Cause and effect do not matter: what is more important, the personal message. This message unfolds our destiny, helps us to heal, reflects our problems. We can see things clearer. It is like justice brought by the Universe. When coincidences happen, they happen at the right time. Our personal life becomes one with the laws of the Universe. These laws become visible to us showing the way what to do and how to do. We can even say that they happen just in the right moment leading us to the way of spirituality.

Accidents, assassinations, disaster do not happen by chance: there must be a deeper meaning behind them. The message is addressed to those involved in certain events; they can be only a few people or even the whole humanity. These coincidences usually warn us, which is a way of taking care of us. These messages are always present to humanity, they are always there but the way how they show themselves is the occurrence of coincidences. The more serious, more tragical an event is, the more important the message is. We have our own personal way in life. The foundation of this way is an integrated part of the Universe. Synchronicity confirms that this foundation is always present and accessible. We are walking on it which means that we can make smaller turns or different paths, shortcuts but our way is always more or less the same. If we happen to see these patterns or understand the messages, the question is to what extent are we able to control our destiny? The fact that we are allowed to see these message is not a coincidence? We see physical things with our own eyes. Thinking that we can change our purpose is the thought of ego; it is not possible ? since we all were born here for a purpose. We should not worry about not knowing the future either: everything reveals itself just in the right time.

Synchronicities are hidden in the Universe and they are only visible to us when our mind is ready to see and interpret them. Sometimes we can see hints in our dreams. These hints are produced by these hidden synchronicities. If we understand what the hints are, we can follow them. It is important to note that we should move forward when we face to synchronicity. This is that time when we have to move. It is a good time for smart decisions, problemsolving and arranging social conflicts.

Time, however, does not have any effect on synchronicity. There is no separation between past, present and future, it only exist in our mind. For synchronicities, there is only one time: the present. The only criterion of the appearance of synchronicities is meaningfulness. It has to do something with us: there must be a reason why they appear.

When they do, it is always the right time for us to think about it and make the right decision. Dreams often contain the true reality of our personal world. Abraham Lincoln dreamt of his own assassination a week before the tragedy. It is always useful to find the truth in our dreams. That is why it is crucial to analyse our dreams after waking up. There is a further function of the synchronicity as well: if we are denial, it helps to reveal the truth. It helps to face our real problems even if we do not want to talk about it or see it. Synchronicity can be a person too, not only an event.

We may meet someone in our life who has a great effect on us helping to go in the right way. This person can be smarter, wiser, giving useful advice which way to choose in the intersection. We can also think about these people as our personal teachers even if they do not know that they are. If we look back to our past, we can often see us as victims: our father was cruel. Our fridge was often empty. But our father taught us how to be a decent and successful man in life. Our empty fridge taught our child how to be frugal and wise with money.

The personal development from our past up to the present is often obvious. We can even think about it as a mirror. Our partners in life also help us to open our eyes. A bad relationship is not necessarily bad: it can reveal what is missing in our personality. It shows how to improve, what is needed to reach our goals. We are all connected and each person helps the other to improve. Even if we do not recognize it, we are all part of universal development. We cannot refuse our destiny: it is part of the Universe and we have to face it sooner or later realizing what we should do. We are here at the right time: we are all part of the improvement. Not only people who you know help you but nature as well: the way of evolution created your biological body for reason.

You are here because you have to be here. Our job and career is not a coincidense either. If you are a teacher, one of your tasks is to give your knowledge to other people. If you are a priest, you have to spread belief. If you are a fisherman, you serve the poor with food that they can afford. If you are a biologist, your destiny is to reveal the secrets of nature. They are all obvious but still, part of your complex goal. The problem, however, is that we often turn away from our destiny. How can we follow our path if we cannot see the destiny? We cannot expect the Universe to intervene if we are running on the opposite road. It is our job to see it and follow it. Synchronicities are just tools of the Universe which show themselves to us. Even if we are lost on our way, synchronicity can show the way back. If we follow its guide it means that we are loving personalities: we have love in our soul because we are still striving for finding our destiny even if we have destroyed the way towards our personal improvement.

It is worth keeping in mind that we should be grateful for our past achievements and we should always appreciate synchronicities. Even chaos is order. There is a wiser power beyond our senses. We must trust this power. When we are succeeded in something beyond our limits, we should always be grateful for it. If we are lost and there is no synchronicity, we can also trust other people who can show the way back. Everything happens with a reason, even negative feelings: they are also part of our development. We should not forget that even the worst feelings can be handled. Do not forget that they contribute to our achievements: when we reach them, that is one of the best feeling which always compensates.

However, it is important not to do harm to other people in order to reach our goals. They cannot be victims. Finally, our body is the tool that is used by our consciousness to travel through this dimension. There is always comfort beyond our body but only when we reach what we have to reach.

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