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The rising of the Serpent


The Serpent as symbolic entity during the history has an important role affecting religions and prehistory.

An essential mythological being appears in the beginning of mythology and keeps its presence until the Victorian ages. In the 19th century, religious groups and societies tried to give new interpretation to this being and they tried to connect it with historic events. The message of the new interpretation is that the human race is not alone in the Universe. It also says that there was not only one race on this planet and we shared this environment with other non-human races.

Humanity evolved from different types of species. One of the non-human race was linked with the serpent. This entity was associated with richness, power and respect, often referred by the scions. The other, human race, often referred by Judeo-Christian groups is called the Adamic race. There were these two separate traditions which had their own tales.

The role of Gods was connected to the Babylonian tradition, to the age of Nimrod and Semiramis. Polytheism was also supported by dynastic China, the Indus valley and cultures in America. As for Jesus Christs, originated from Judeo-Christian groups, he was associated with Judaism but this link today is no longer present. The difference between these traditions still exists today. Let us think about the wars in the Middle East or the religious differences globally. To some extent, religions tried to adapt to each other but they kept their own views. Behind the adaptation and views however, there was only one reality, only one story.

The view, that all religions have only one reality and that the religions are all connected has been backed by some esoteric groups. For example, esoteric views claimed that Sumerian traditions had originated from Hebrew traditions. This theory was also popular in the literature of the Grail-quest. During the quest, Jesus was connected to the serpent kings saying that he is part of the serpent bloodline thus Jesus is a serpent god as well. We can also find references to this claim in the Bible.

Finding the reasons for these religious differences is difficult though. The question that how these views and traditions could become one, may be known by God itself.

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