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The secrets of ancient megaliths


Even today, architects say, ancient megaliths would be very difficult to build, despite the modern technologies and tools available. Yet, in some mysterious way, in the ancient past, people were able to carve stone, or fit it together with pinpoint accuracy, cut right angles, or orient it perfectly astronomically.

They also solved the problem of moving stones weighing tens of tonnes, although even with today’s machines, it is still challenging to move them from one point to another. There are several such gigantic archaeological finds in some parts of the world, all of them baffling archaeologists.

Concrete evidence remains and archaeological finds belie the general views of science and history. No one knows why the huge monoliths and oversized structures found around the world were built.

The era of giants

Many people believe that the only explanation is that they were actually built by giants because even with today’s technology, it would be difficult to move these hundreds of tons of stones or monoliths. Some believe all prehistoric civilisations may in fact, be the work of a civilisation of giants.

But there is much more concrete evidence that giants may have lived on Earth. For example, some ancient documents mention that Adam and Eve were actually 4 metres tall. May they have been the first giants on Earth?

In the Middle Ages, several finds have been found in Cambodia that can also be linked to giants. These were giant skeletons, 3-4 metres high.

And in Tanzania, a fossilised footprint was found that was much larger than a human footprint, yet it was completely human in anthropological terms. Its determined age was absolutely astonishing: it proved to be at least 200 million years old.

A gigantic skull was also found in Alaska, with some of the teeth measuring 20-30 centimetres. When it was discovered, the dig was stopped and the remains were shipped to an unknown location.

The existence of the giants is also indicated by various objects, such as hammers and handmade stone tools, which long predate the time of the emergence of man and the use of tools.

Returning to the ancient structures, there is no other explanation for these megalithic giants. Even with today’s modern technology, it would have been difficult to move them, let alone transport them hundreds of kilometres in many cases, as it was done with the pyramids and the Stonehenge.

And do not forget that at that time, the technology and tools were still primitive. It is worth wondering, then, who or what could have built them and for what purpose?

India’s carved temples

Certain megalithic ancient temples worldwide also have unusual structures. A temple in the hills of India was carved out of rock.

Whenever architects and engineers look at them, they are all amazed. The precision that was used when they were being built is fascinating. Even the greatest minds of our time have wondered how it was built and by whom. The mysterious temple in the hills of India, therefore, still holds countless questions.

The cave temples of Ellora and Ajanta have also been rightly claimed the title of the country’s most mysterious sites. Nothing like them has ever been built before or since, and architects and engineers are amazed, as are archaeologists, by the precision with which it has been carved. Ellora was a holy site for three religions, where caves, often several storeys high, were carved into the basalt with what seems to today to be impossible work. The most spectacular, the Kailasa temple, was built from the top downwards and the temple is still in fairly good condition.

A special feature of the cave shrines is that they are used by three religions; not far apart in groups, the caves are separated into Buddhist, Hindu and Jain caves. They have been in parallel use for most of their history, between 600 and 1000 BC, which has helped inter-religious acceptance.

The exact construction of these caves is shrouded in many obscurities, so their origins remain a mystery virtually to this day. For a long time, Buddhist caves were believed to have been the first to be built, but modern dating techniques now suggest that some of the Hindu rock-walled shrines are the oldest.

Its exact construction is shrouded in obscurity so that its origins remain a mystery to this day. So impressively and meticulously carved are the temple’s various decorative elements and animal figures that some speculate that some ancient existential technology must have intervened to achieve this result.

Many modern humans wonder how our ancestors, once living on Earth, were able to construct these intricate buildings and structures in India. Some believe it was done with celestial – extraterrestrial – help; others believe that the current human race is not actually the first advanced civilisation to have lived on Earth…

Baalbeek megalith

The largest worked stone block ever made by mankind is the Baalbek monolith in Lebanon. This stone block weighs 1650 tonnes and is made up of a single actual block because it is so old and bears technological traces that fundamentally question the ability to do this in ancient times.

Moving a block of stone of this size is also highly questionable, as it has not even been discovered how the comparative featherweight stones of Stonehenge were able to move from point A to point B.

Many believe that the gods carried this stone and similar stones with them, and some interpretations suggest that this could mean that ancient technology was used to solve the problem.


The monumental prehistoric structure, made up of circular blocks of stone and earthen banks, is located about 13 km north of Salisbury in Wiltshire, England. Its gigantic stone blocks often raise the question: how were the stones moved and transported to the site? There are no stones of this or similar size in a radius of several kilometres. In fact, there are theories from ancient alien theorists that Stonehenge is nothing more than an ancient gateway, a kind of space gateway that connects two very distant points in the universe by quantum physics.

So what is the secret of these mysterious megaliths? Who built them? Do they still exists? And most importantly: will they return?