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The Spooky Tale of The Black Aggie: A Haunted Statue in Washington D.C.


The Black Aggie is one of the most notorious haunted statues in America. It is a replica of the “Grief” statue that was created by Augustus St. Gaudens and placed on the grave of Marian Adams, the wife of Henry Adams, in Washington’s Rock Creek Cemetery. The original statue was never officially named, but became known as the “Adams Memorial” or simply “Grief.” It was regarded as one of the most powerful and expressive pieces of art in American history.

The Black Aggie was created by Eduard L.A. Pausch, who was inspired by the original statue and decided to make his own unauthorized copy. The copy was purchased by General Felix Agnus in 1905 and placed on his family tomb in the Druid Ridge Cemetery in Pikesville, just outside of Baltimore. It quickly became one of the most popular and notorious statues in the cemetery.

People were fascinated by the statue’s dark and eerie appearance. They whispered about the strange legends that surrounded it, and many visitors reported feeling a strange, unsettling presence when they looked at it. In the daylight hours, the statue was regarded as a beautiful addition to the cemetery’s art, but at night, it was said to be haunted.

The legends about the Black Aggie are many and varied. Some say that the statue was cursed, and that anyone who looked at it was doomed to a terrible fate. Others say that the statue was guarded by spirits, who would torment anyone who tried to harm it. Still others say that the statue was inhabited by the ghost of General Felix Agnus, who was buried beneath it.

Some people have reported seeing a light emanating from the Black Aggie at night, or hearing strange noises coming from the monument. Others have claimed to have seen a figure within the statue, or to feel a chill when standing near it. Some even say that the statue has moved, or that it has a supernatural power to cause misfortune to those who come near it.

The source of the stories and legends surrounding the Black Aggie is unclear. Some say that the tales have been passed down through generations, while others believe that they have been created to add to the mystery of the graveyard. Whatever the source, the statue continues to fascinate people and draw visitors to the Congressional Cemetery.

Regardless of the truth behind the legends, the Black Aggie remains one of the most intriguing and mysterious statues in America. The statue has become something of a local legend. It has been featured in many books and articles, and even in a few movies. It has become something of a tourist attraction, and visitors to the graveyard often come to see the spooky statue.

It continues to draw visitors to the Druid Ridge Cemetery, even today, more than a hundred years after it was first placed there. Whether you believe in the ghost stories or not, there’s no denying that the Black Aggie is a truly haunting piece of art.

As you see, the Black Aggie is a mysterious and fascinating statue that has captivated the imagination of generations of Americans. Whether you believe in the legends that surround it or not, there’s no denying that it is one of the most intriguing pieces of art in America. If you’re ever in Pikesville, be sure to visit the Druid Ridge Cemetery and take a look at the Black Aggie for yourself. Just be prepared for the hair-raising experience of a lifetime!