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What do astronomers think about Moon landing conspiracy theories?


One of the most iconic events in human history, the Moon landing, has always been surrounded by debates and speculations. In recent years, numerous conspiracy theories have emerged suggesting that the Apollo missions’ Moon landings were staged, and the whole event was just a hoax orchestrated by astronauts and NASA. However, the astronauts who actually set foot on the Moon have firsthand knowledge of the events and know what happened inside their spacecraft and on the lunar surface. So what do astronauts think about the Moon landing conspiracy?

Astronauts who participated in the Apollo program and were among the first to step on the Moon unanimously refute the conspiracy theories. They were eyewitnesses to the events and have spoken out against the theories on multiple occasions. Neil Armstrong, the commander of Apollo 11 and the first person to step on the Moon in 1969, consistently dismissed the conspiracy theories. According to him, the Moon landing was a tremendous scientific and technological achievement, rightfully celebrated by NASA and the entire nation.

Similarly, Buzz Aldrin, the pilot of Apollo 11, didn’t hesitate to express his opinion on the conspiracy theories. He confronted those who doubted the authenticity of the Moon landing and publicly demonstrated the technologies used by astronauts on the lunar surface.

Astronauts from later Apollo missions also firmly denied the Moon landing conspiracy. Eugene Cernan, the commander of Apollo 17 and one of the astronauts on the last Moon landing, stated unequivocally that there is no doubt they truly visited the Moon.

The astronauts’ claims are supported by the footage and documentation captured during the Moon landing. Thousands of hours of video and audio recordings were made during the Apollo program, thoroughly documenting the astronauts’ activities on the Moon. The recordings clearly show the astronauts conducting scientific experiments and moving on the lunar surface, as well as their communication with Earth.

Additionally, another crucial piece of evidence for the Moon landing is the samples and rocks brought back from the lunar surface. The materials collected from the Moon have been extensively studied and analyzed on Earth, providing undeniable proof that the astronauts did, indeed, visit the Moon.

Astronauts who walked on the Moon as part of the Apollo program categorically reject the Moon landing conspiracy theories and assert that they genuinely set foot on the lunar surface. Their testimonies are supported by the video recordings made during the Moon landing and the comprehensive scientific analysis of the lunar samples. While Moon landing conspiracy rumors may persist, the astronauts’ accounts and the existing research undeniably confirm that the event was a real and awe-inspiring milestone in human history.

Photo: NASA