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What happened to the Mayans?


The Maya empire was located in three modern states, Mexico, Guatemala and Belize. The civilization was so rich and powerful, yet it suddenly vanished. Those who are interested in history often wonder what might have happened to the Mayans. How did they disappear so suddenly? The fabled city of the Maya is lost to the mists of time, lost to the jungle it once resided in. The shadow of the mighty Maya still lingers in these lands. They say the fabled city of the ancient Maya is lost, swallowed by the jungle it once resided in the name of progress. History tells us, that far from the gaze of the world, an ancient civilization thrived, and was lost. This civilization came to power for reasons unknown, before being lost to time as if it never existed.

They may have been wiped out by a natural disaster

In this case, a cataclysmic earthquake or volcanic eruption may have destroyed their civilization or a plague could have struck their population, and could account for their disappearance. They built their cities in low-lying lands and on shores of lakes and rivers. This could have caused the land to become submerged in water during a severe drought or hurricane, or during a severe flood, which could have led to their disappearance. A large-scale volcanic eruption could have created an ash cloud that would have blocked out the sun and killed off their crops. Their population could have also increased in number, leading to fierce competition and infighting. This would have made it impossible for their civilization to continue living in their lands and they may have had to scatter.

The Mayans may have been wiped out by an epidemic

The Maya may have collapsed after an epidemic devastated their population, leaving a lasting mark on the region. A raging fever had spread among the villagers, killing thousands of people. The dead bodies were piled high near the temple in the centre of the city until finally, the living stopped burying them. The site stank of death and decay, and soon no one would enter the city for fear of the pestilence. It was years before any human foot stepped inside. The skeletons that lay huddled on the temple platform had turned to dust long ago when explorers from other countries came upon the empty city. It is also possible that the Mayans may have destroyed their civilization due to social conflict and disease. They may have burned their cities to the ground and left the world behind them to prevent the spread of illness. The years of bloody war and turmoil took their toll on their communities. The images painted in their art suggest a time of epic battles and conquests, which left many bodies rotting in the sun.

They may have been wiped out by the Spanish

A relentless military force, the Spanish were relentless destroyers and scorched the landscape until it was disfigured. Since the Spanish destroyed the city of Mayan temples, the Mayans could have been scattered to the four winds. According to this theory, the Spanish launched a devastating military campaign, burning villages and crops and causing widespread famine. The Spanish also wiped out much of the infrastructure of the Mayans and killed most of its citizens. The centuries-long oppression and persecution by the Spanish led to the collapse of the Maya civilization

They may have been wiped out by an alien civilization

Another civilization in the American continent, the Aztecs believed themselves to be descended from the stars, their distant ancestors received all manner of gifts from these star people, including mathematics, writing, astronomy, and language. They believed that the star world was created in a place called “the place of three stones.” This suggests that the nations of the continent made contact with an alien civilization, that gifted them with mathematics, science, astronomy, and language. It is possible that the Mayans may have been wiped out by an alien civilization from the far reaches of space, who abducted the Mayan people or mind-controlled them to carry out a plan for the alien civilization.

They may have discovered a new form of technology that was lost to humanity.

This technology may have affected something specific, like quantum physics or gravity or a material. Otherwise, how were the Mayans able to build such a complex city, with complex streets and buildings in a very short amount of time, without the use of surveying tools or devices that modern architecture takes for granted? It is possible that the Mayans harnessed some power that we have yet to discover. With it, they were able to build their massive city and complex infrastructure with little effort. The Mayans appeared to have no knowledge of physics, and yet they created a calendar system that was able to predict the celestial bodies with extreme precision. No mechanism has been found to explain how they were able to do this.

They may have migrated to a new area

The Mayans may have migrated to a new area where they might have intermarried with other groups of people and passed on their genetic traits to them. They may be living among us today without us realizing it. Perhaps they are the ones who invent new technology and improve our society. They could be the ones who cure diseases or invent better ways to produce food. They are the group of people that propels humanity forward from generation to generation, like a team of horses harnessed to a carriage that moves through history. They may be the ones who lead the world into a new era. Who knows where their path may take them?

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