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What happens to the soul after death?


One of the biggest – or if not the biggest mystery is what happens after death. Scientists have long debated if such thing as spirit or soul exists at all. However, mainstream scientists have found no evidence for the existence of such thing but other researchers claim to have measured the weight of the soul which is 21 gramms. According to these researchers this result proves that our consciousness is eternal and it survives death, capable of living in another dimension

But what happens when we die? Some people believe that the spirit of our body can spend some time here on Earth to say goodbye to our beloved ones or watch his or her own funeral before it goes to the Afterlife. Some people claim that they still feel the presence of their relatives or friends after they have passed away. They might talk to them or convey feelings.

The spirit can also stay here for a while to follow up what happens after his or her death but it is not clear how much time they have exactly and what controls this time. It is also believed that some haunting ghosts have not gone to the Afterlife yet and they have to stay here until they finish their job. When it happens, they can leave in peace and become one with the Light.

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