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Where are they?


I believe this Universe was created by a Higher Intelligence. Everything in the Universe is too organised, too arranged and everything seemingly follows a certain order or rules. Now we would think that everything that exists in this Universe must follow this order but UFO sightings suggest they managed to hack the laws of physics. Is it possible that they developed a technology that can break these rules created by the Higher Intelligence? If so, what do they know about the creator and how is it possible they are allowed to do such a thing?

Masters of the Universe

Deists say the world was created by such a higher power, then let the world go on its own. This concept does not contradict my previous question. So if aliens are really capable of building technology which can be used to jump space and time, the Higher Intelligence just says go ahead. Why would it restrict its creations from improvement? Now one might ask why this Higher Intelligence did not create super-intelligent beings from the start. Why not create highly advanced civilizations, why should they start by eating bananas on the trees? I think the key is personal, social and technological development. It does not make sense to create all-knowing beings because they would already be perfect. It is more fun to watch them from the beginning to the end: from being a single cell to being the masters of the universe. This kind of improvement takes millions of years in time. In the meantime, countless things happen: civilizations fight each other, they discover or invent new things, they explore new places on their own planet, and later they explore space. It is more fun to watch them fighting and striving for a higher level.

No wonder these physical rules are around us. Civilizations have to be separated from each other so that they will not influence each other and they can develop on their own. These huge distances in the Universe prevent them from contacting each other. The Higher Intelligence also took care of the number of civilizations: they have plenty of space in the Universe, and plenty of playgrounds. No wonder this Universe is so big and expanding. I think more and more civilizations are being developed out there even at this moment. They have enough space to play. Radio waves cannot reach other civilizations because of the distance; if they could, the development of a certain civilization might be affected and they would focus on other civilizations instead of their own. The Higher Intelligence did not want these civilizations to contact each other as long as they are primitive. I think the ability to take huge distances is a kind of gift from him.

If a civilization is capable of reaching another one, they have already reached that particular level of improvement that they have the chance to explore other species. They have one in their homework. They recognised the problems on their own planet and they managed to pass the test. Unless of course, they destroyed their own planet and they are looking for a new home. I do not think the Higher Intelligence would be happy to see that. I think these kinds of extraterrestrials also exist but they are negative species. A species that destroys its own planet cannot be good. Those civilizations that are not in harmony with their own planet cannot be positive. Destroying forests and animals is not compatible with life. Destruction does not lead to improvement nd it is in contradiction with creation; as a result, it is in contradiction with Higher Intelligence. So if we are visited by an alien specie that claims to be refugees from a dying planet, that would not sound good. Except for a planet whose destruction has natural causes like volcanos, earthquakes or a star explosion too close. But how come a highly advanced civilization could not prevent such a cataclysm? I would say an excuse like that would be a red flag.

Captive extraterrestrials

There are reported cases that talk about captive extraterrestrials as well, which tells me they are still visiting us. There are already rumours of UFO crashes in UFO history. What makes these cases more interesting is the assumption that dead alien bodies may have been found near these spacecraft; in some cases, living aliens were held in custody later.

William Moore ufologist has some intriguing information from military sources regarding captive extraterrestrials. One of his sources mentioned that a male humanoid had been found in the southwestern desert after a UFO crash in 1949. This alien was officially called EBE (extraterrestrial biological entity) and was transferred to an atomic research centre at Los Alamos New Mexico. In the beginning, it was difficult to establish proper communication with this alien.

The solution was a communication device built into the alien’s throat enabling him to speak in broken but still understandable English. It was a military officer who was tasked with carrying out the discussion. The EBE told the authorities that he had been an engineer of the aircraft. The EBE later died in 1952. But this was not the only alien. There were two more aliens captured by the authorities. He was called EBE-1, and the other two were called EBE-2 and EBE-3.

According to these aliens, there are nine races visiting our planet. One species, the little greys are especially interested in Earth. They have visited us for thousands of years and influenced our religions. So it proves their interest in the human race but they do not intervene directly, they keep being observant from a distance. William Steinman UFO researcher also mentions a physician called Claude Steen who was needed by the military to contact an alien kept alive in 1949. There was also a nurse who accompanied Claude Steen. The being was held in a closed room and he had a reptile look. The nurse was so frightened by the alien that she said he had come from hell. In 1952 a Colorado newspaper called Pueblo Chieftain also mentioned a UFO crash in Montana.

There had been three passengers in the UFO but only one survived. It was taken to California and kept in an incubator while they were trying to make efforts to communicate with it. Later, in April 2000 it was found out that the story had been a prank made up by Joseph Rohrer, manager of Pikes Peak Broadcasting. He seemed so true that even the local newspaper took the story seriously.

Photo: Stefan Keller