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Why scientists can’t make up their mind?


Let?s compare black holes to ghosts: scientists claim that black holes exist even though nobody has ever seen them or examined them in laboratory. Following this train of thought, there are a lot of people who claaim that ghosts exist even though it is difficult to prove their existence. It is true however, that we can not recreate a black hole in laboratory but their existence is not as doubtful as the existence of ghosts. If a scientist tells us to look at a place where a he saw a black hole before, that black hole is probably still there.

The problem is with ghosts that they do not reappear at the same spot. However, it does not mean that we have to be sceptical. In fact, there are a lot of sceptical people, they do not exactly know, why so many people believe in ghosts.

John Ferriar?s book, titled An Essay Towards A Theory of Apperations talks about ghosts as optical illusions. The physician?s book was released in 1813 and tries to explain these things on a scientific way. This explanation could be right in some cases, considering that he was a qualified scientist. However, during that period, there were a lot of scientists examining paranormal phenomena and they hardly agreed with each other on this subject.

Alexandre Jacques François Bri?re de Boismont claimed that ghosts were hallucinations. David Turner chemist explained that spirits were ball lightning. Joe Nickell stated that ghosts are the results of our restricted perceptions. IT technician, Vic Tandy said that ghosts are not other beings that the low frequency hum of air conditioners.

After reading these opinions, they tell us that there is a huge disagreement among scientists. Nobody knows what exactly ghosts are and whereas we can not prove their existence, the cannot prove their non-existence as well.

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