Circumstances of death

Based on accounts from patients who came back from clinical death when somebody dies, the focus of his consciousness starts expanding. When a person dies, his entering the Afterlife is often accompanied by his or her relatives or friends who passed away earlier. Some mediums claim that the spirit...

The haunted Malahide Castle

The castle is almost ten miles north of Dublin, Ireland. The first owner of this property was Richard Talbot who took it into his possession in 1185. Richard was a knight and he lived there with his family. However, during the conquest of Oliver Cromwell, the property was given...

The Theory of Spirits: residues

This article only reflects the writer's theory and opinion based on what he has read in books, articles, reports and what he has seen in films during the years. These are not facts but personal speculations and a simple train of thoughts. Everything written here can be very far...

The Theory of Spirits: remnants

Based on several reports, there are two possible things which can happen when we die: either we immediately get to the Afterlife or we are trapped here. In most near-death experiences (NDEs), there are loving, otherworldly beings around us that help us get to the other dimension. On the...

What can you do if you feel being treated with unfairness?

You have probably felt being treated unfairly a lot of times. You felt the presence of injustice even if you did not deserve it. Not reaching your goals even if you have worked hard. Or you were kind to others and what did you get in return? Unfairness. What...


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