Could the HAARP program cause serious weather changes on our planet?

The HAARP program is a scientific project which studies the atmosphere and the weather. The project is partly supported by the DARPA military agency which is also part of the Ministry of Defence. The base of the project can be found in Alaska, utilising several antennas which are capable of...

Mysteries of Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece has many mysteries and questions. The anthikuterian mechanism, the role of Gods, legends of Troy are all unanswered questions. Nonetheless, there are signs that they were a highly advanced civilization guided by Gods. Or were they Gods? The ancient Greek technology The Gerry Villa Museum can be found in Los...

Queensland Lights: mysterious lights in Australia

Australia has a lot of secrets. One of the most mysterious phenomena is called Queensland Lights. These unexplained lights have been reported for hundreds of years in Queensland and nobody knows what they are exactly. The lights appear at night, sometimes early morning. They are spheres which move fast...

The difficulties of UFO research

The problem of the questions surrounding UFOs has got a lot of attention in the past decades. These objects are often called as flying saucers over the years which has nothing to secure a more objective definition from the press and public. Many people who have seen UFOs, added...

Imaginary friend

What adults cannot see Children have different attitude to the world. They are more playful, they are more open minded. And they have richer imagination. Does it mean that being open minded open up gates towards things which cannot be perceived by adults? We like to think that things we...


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