Imaginary friend

What adults cannot see Children have different attitude to the world. They are more playful, they are more open minded. And they have richer imagination. Does it mean that being open minded open up gates towards things which cannot be perceived by adults? We like to think that things we...

The ghost of the University of Toronto

Ghosts often appear at educational institutes as well like schools and universities. People die in these places and their ghosts and residues are probably still connected to these buildings. We know about some Asian colleges and universities when students had to be evacuated because of a haunting. Ghosts can...

Phantom vehicles

If the soul of the deceased exist, is it possible that objects also have soul? Could objects still exist as ghosts after their annihilation? Take for instance, let’s think about phantom ships which are sometimes seen at the rough sea. If there are phantom ships, can there be phantom...


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