The Theory of Spirits: emotional energy

It is getting accepted that emotions influence our decisions. According to Jennifer Lerner, a professor of public policy and management at Harvard conducted a series of research in 2015 and claimed that emotions affect our decisions. So basically, emotions have power over thoughts. Now, here comes the question: what creates...

The mystery of Bermuda Triangle

Sometimes there are some bizarre phenomena in certain areas of oceans and seas. What kind of occurrences are responsible for these mysterious disappearances? Is it possible that there is some kind of unknown natural phenomenon which has fundamental role in these cases? Something that could rewrite the laws of...

Tesla and the pyramids

Nicola Tesla, the famous inventor and physicist had more than an interest in Egypt?s pyramids. The scientist's work is connected to the discovery of alternate current and experimenting on the transmission of electricity through the air. Not only were these results linked to him: he had several other discoveries and...

Aldous Huxley and the LSD

It seems that psychedelic drugs like LSD as subject of scientific discussions has returned. Dr. Rick Strasman and Rick Doblin scientists have put great effort into this matter. The main questions are the potential benefits of such chemicals. Some scientists assume that psychedelic drugs can help treat patients suffering...

Strange creatures in the fishing net

Vast areas in the ocean are still unexplored. We cannot even imagine how many unknown species there can be. What do they look like? How do they live? These are questions yet to be revealed. If we want to know more about this world, we have to dive down,...


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