Terraforming planets

Earth is different from other planets: it has life. Most planets in the Universe are not habitable. Either their temperature or tectonic features are not suitable for life. However, even if a planet in the habitable zone, interstellar radiation often destroys its atmosphere. This fact reduces the number of...

The power of coincidence

Our world is full of coincidences. Or not? Do disasters happen by chance? Are lottery numbers random? If there are no coincidences, who controls events? Could we predict them? When a coincidence happens we are always amazed by it. Numbers sometimes make us surprised. Sometimes they look like a...

Captive extraterrestrials

There are already rumours of UFO crashes in UFO history. What makes these cases more interesting is the assumption that dead alien bodies may have been found near these spacecraft; in some cases, living aliens were held in custody later. William Moore ufologist has some intriguing information from military...

UFO sightings in Australia in the 1960s and 1970s

Mr. and Mrs. Baker were the witnesses of a phenomenon in February, 1969 that they would never forget. On that particular day, they noticed an object in the sky glowing in red and green above the house of their neighbour, Bruce Millowick. The occurrence happened in Kybybolite, Southern Australia...

Odd aircrafts in the sky

On the 23rd of June in 1967, an experienced pilot, Dick Rankin saw strange flying discs in the sky. The pilot had more than 7000 hours flying time then. The pilot, who was suffering from a back injury received in an automobile accident, went to Portland to recover and spend...


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