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Tesla and the pyramids


Nicola Tesla, the famous inventor and physicist had more than an interest in Egypt?s pyramids.

The scientist’s work is connected to the discovery of alternate current and experimenting on the transmission of electricity through the air. Not only were these results linked to him: he had several other discoveries and experiments too.

In 1905, he released his work, entitled ‘The art of transmitting energy through the natural medium?’ which suggested that the Earth is a large generator which could produce electricity by harnessing it.

One of his interests was the Pyramids of Giza, which he found fascinating. He thought that these buildings had been huge transmitters of energy and found connection between them and his inventions.

The Tesla Experimental Station in Colorado Springs and the Wardenclyffe Tower on the East Coast were inspired by the pyramids.

He had another obsession with numbers, especially with 3, 6 and 9. Before entering a building, he always drove around it 3 times and he only stayed at hotel rooms with numbers which can be divided by 3. His daily decisions were also based on these numbers. Today, most people think that the wireless power transmittion could never have worked but there are others who claim that the pyramids were indeed, transmitters of power.

One day we will hopefully get to know if Tesla’s ideas were true.

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