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The Texian Pterosaur


A photo circulating on the internet is claimed to show a real Pterosaurus which was taken in Texas. What we can see in the photo is a huge bird – very different from any other kind of bird. As the photo was reaching the wider public, a lot of people considered it to be showing a Pterosaurus.

The reason why people got shocked is that looking at the photo it seemed a dinosaur which was impossible since this kind of animal went extinct millions of years ago. This species had one meter wide wings and lived in the Jurassic period.

The look of its body reminds us of birds. Its vertebras and the bones of limbs are filled with air. Its skull is elongated ending in a pointy beak. The difference is that there are teeth in its beak. It did not have feathers; instead, the body was covered with skin.

What we know about the photo is that it was taken in the 1960s. Since it could have been difficult to make a model like this, many people consider it real.

Furthermore, there are more photos taken in the same years depicting similar birds. There are others, showing animals looking like dinosaurs.

Is it possible that there were living animals during that era?

Is it a huge hoax or something kept in secret? Is it possible that some species of dinosaurs are still alive? And where are the remains of these species in the photo? Does science hide them? If they were still among us, then it could event contradict evolution. According to sceptics it is just a fraud and reports from those years are not reliable.

Concerning the truth, it depends on what we think inside. Because it is not possible that we will get to now the reality behind these photos.