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What can you do if you feel being treated with unfairness?


You have probably felt being treated unfairly a lot of times. You felt the presence of injustice even if you did not deserve it. Not reaching your goals even if you have worked hard. Or you were kind to others and what did you get in return? Unfairness. What there are some things that you can do when you are in this situation.

Control your energy

If you turn your focus from injustice to another direction, you can make up for the loss. As long as you focus is on how badly you were treated, you cannot reach your further goals. Instead, by ignoring how unfair decisions are made in your environment, you can continue going on your own way. It does not matter how often you face of unfair decisions. It does not matter how often you are mistreated. If you focus on your goal you will get what you want. Do not let other people let you down. Your personal goals are more important than what other people think and do. Focus on what is important to you and sooner or later you will reach it. The target should be visible in front of your eyes. Try to visualise it and make physical contact with it by realising your dreams. Avoid negative energies because it is easy to take them in. They will create an obstruction on your way making you stop. As a result, you are wasting time. Try to wipe it off and keep going.

Focus brings everything closer to you. Focus gives more significance to things. As a result, focus can sometimes can work against you. You need to know how what to pay attention to, how to control your focus. It detemines what you put energy into. Feeling being mistreaded constantly is the result of bad focus. As soon as you turn your head into different directions, the feeling will go away. You need to know how to change your focus between your environment and your inner self: if you listen to your inner voice, it will tell you where to go.

Make unfairness beneficial

The more unfairness you meet, the stronger you will be. They will give you power to find other ways to reach your goals. If one way cannot lead to your goal, you have to choose another way. Life will show you which way is yours. Unfairness is not an obstacle, it is just a warning that you should choose a different way. They teach you how to avoid ded ends. The goal itself does not teach: it is the road which leads you there. You are getting experiences, learning how to fight obstacles, how to solve probles: they teach you how to be creative and how to get your own way. If people are unfair, they give you challenges. Getting on with these challenges are excellent ways of learning. If you feel that your manager is dishonest with you, that your partner has cheated you, if you are not served at the shop, they provide you with other ways how you can approch what you want.

Find your way

If you are treated unfairly, try to open another door. If you meet another obstacle, you need to knock on another door until you reach the one that leads you to your goals. Finding these doors are the challenge, like going on a hallway, knocking on doors. How many doors there depends on how many challenges you need to take in order to learn enough. Your inner self exactly knows how many is enough. It is varied among individuals. Considering that unfairness gives you ways of solutions, you can think about them as gifts. There is nothing to learn without challenges, unfair decisions are sometimes opportunities to someone to learn something by reaching his or her goal on a different way. This is the acquisition of finding the right way, the ability of knocking on the right door. How quickly you can find this door is up to you. But the more experienced you are, the sooner you will find the door. The sooner you will find the door, the less often you will feel being treated unfairly. Those people who can knock on the right door they do not usually experience unfair decisions around them. They quickly recognise the situation and know where to go, where to open another door. They do not question a decision, they accept it. They know that being worried about unfair decisions takes energy. They would rather put this energy into finding their other way.

You will know when your inner voice talks to you. You have the ability to recognise it. The hallway where you experienced unfairness is not yours; do not try to enter it again. Find another one which leads toward the same goal. The art of finding these ways is what you should improve. When you have this fantastic ability to find the right hallway instinctly, success will always find you. You will not notice injustice around you anymore. What is more, they will serve as an inspiration. The more often you find the solution the more practise you will have. As a result, practise gives you the happiness whenever you find your solution by knocking on the right door.

Image by Hebi B. from Pixabay